Walk-in shower in 50 attractive modern bathrooms

A walk-in shower is a practical solution for barrier-free bathroom not only for small children and the elderly. For aesthetic reasons, the space architecturally generous and modern, it is easy to walk and clean looks.

Walk-in shower with a decent drainage system
Today, you can install walk-in shower in an old building. A variation would be a ready-made base plate made of hard foam, made with gradient to install. It will be tiled after assembly. Commercially extra slim shower trays made from acrylic or steel are available. They are completed directly on the drain and no tiles are laid out. It should be noted that contemporary designers reach for other colors, not only white, in the design of shower trays.
Walk-in shower for modern bathroom design
The elegant and modern variants for exhaust systems for walk-in shower , however, are not hundreds. A floor drain sounds old-fashioned to, but instead of the classic round drain cover offer shower solutions of new generation. The round shape is present, but this time both elegant and discreet, without cover, with slope to the central drain.
Walk-in shower with shower tray new generation
If you simply want to tile the bathroom, you can instead of the water flow into a drain, installing a groove in the floor. The slope is the best possible run laterally and the recessed groove is covered with a decorative steel as desired. The result is a very discrete narrow slit on the side, which is usually vertically and laterally adjustable.

Drain system with recessed channel
The last trend in bathroom design is the wall drain. He is an extremely elegant and minimalist alternative to the classic sequence. It ensures rapid drainage behind a discreet aperture in the lower part of the wall.

Walk-in shower in a contemporary style bathroom

Modern drainage systems for made ​​to measure shower enclosures

Spacious bathroom with shower and freestanding bathtub

Built gutter is ideal for bathrooms with special tile pattern

Drainage channels are practical and easy to clean

Mount base plate with slope and befliesen - Stylish tory solution for old buildings

A freestanding bath also required floor drain

Modern bathroom with walk-in shower

Spacious bathroom with shower with large window

Simple modern design of the bathroom with double sink

Novel small shower tray

Walk-in shower in 50 attractive modern bathrooms
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