Small bathrooms with tub and shower set - 27 ideas

If you have a small bathroom, this does not mean that you have to choose between a shower or a bathtub. In fact, you can take the best of both worlds. The tub-shower combination saves space and money. Different versions are available depending on your needs and spaces. Today as you give some examples for small bathrooms with bath and shower, the bath and shower make possible in a small space.
Small bathrooms with tub and shower

A tiling niche - small bathrooms for bathing and showering

small bathrooms ideas shower pan African cream glass wall tiles
One of the oldest shower-tub combinations is the corner or niche variant. The existing walls must be tiled and thus protected from the water. The bathtub sitting in the alcove, while the shower is mounted under the Nuveau the wall tiles.

Setting up small bathrooms - bath with shower screen

small bathrooms set vertical stripes mosaic gold black tub shower

small bath tub and shower set grundriss

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tub shower combination African bathroom installed

tub shower combination small bad idea oval hand shower

Bath with shower screen are a nice idea for small bathrooms. This variant requires less background work as the tiled niche. This bath screen makes installation easier, especially if a new unit is mounted in a small bathroom or should be moved through a small door. These shower enclosures are available made of glass or acrylic and fiberglass. This glass partition the furniture from water damage protection for example, if the tub is from the basin in the immediate vicinity.
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