Bathroom tiles 2015 - Current trends in the design of the bathroom

Are you interested in the latest trends in the bathroom? Then this article is just right for you. Because we have the latest trends for 2015 compiled bathroom tiles so you can set up your new bathroom, fresh and modern.

Bathroom tiles 2015 for a natural look
One particular trend in terms of the entire device is the natural look. This is therefore also in the bathroom of the case. The bathroom tiles 2015 course designed both in terms of the material, as well as the colors. This is mainly achieved by elegant natural stone. Also tiles with reliefs provide a natural atmosphere and a fresh look. Select the tiles in large format and you can be sure that you have taken the trend to the point exactly. Would you like a very elegant and luxurious acting bathroom is marble is the right choice for the bathroom tiles in 2015.

Also, of course, also acts as wood. Since the wooden floor but is not particularly suitable for the bathroom, another variant must be found. And that's no problem. You've probably tiles imitation wood saw, because this trend is not new, but will be continued in the bathroom tiles in 2015. Here, you can choose between different shades and patterns.

The bathroom tiles 2015, characterized by earthy colors such as brown, beige and cream, but can also contain color accents. You may also be achieved, for example by mosaic tiles, which, however, does not necessarily have to have the classic square shape. The individual stones can be equally well shaped round and oblong.

Various motifs on the bathroom tiles 2015
In the bathroom tiles 2015, the style of the 70s returns by floral motifs and patterns are used again. These can be found on the individual tiles again or be designed as a large mural by Mosaic. The effect is a romantic atmosphere in which you can just feel good only. It is also a great way to bring some color into the bathroom. The floral motifs can in fact occur on any color relationship formed by certain colors. Very effective are the bathroom tiles 2015 stone look, which delicate floral motifs were applied.

CRETA MARFIL by Porcelanosa
Also, graphic pattern on the bathroom tiles 2015 geometric and those with 3D effect are popular and have been for the last year. They give the bathroom an extravagant look. As a result, the bathroom is modern and original. It maintains a lively atmosphere, so as you enter the bathroom fresh and alert in the morning.

In the following example of the bathroom tiles 2015 three trends are combined in a very interesting and effective way. First, there is the trendy mosaic tiles that contain pretty floral motifs and provide to the other for a striking 3D look. Even the delicate nuances of the color pink make for a pretty effect, because they leave the bathrooms are romantic and cozy. To add to the elegant indeed, but cool white, adding a certain heat.

Flowing colors for the bathroom tiles 2015
Let the colors into each other in the bath overflow. This creates a delicate and soothing effect that makes you relax in the bathroom vollstens. You either use a main color you can become brighter or play with multiple colors and let this very crowded together. Such tiles are ready available, so you do not have to deal only with the effort of compiling the nuances.

Bathroom tiles 2015 - Current trends in the design of the bathroom.
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