Setting bathroom without window - 25 living ideas for bathrooms

Windows allow light and fresh air into the room to flood. Many bathrooms are generally small, but those without windows appear to be even smaller than they actually are. This is a big dilemma for homeowners, because the addition of a window is simply not an option. What can you do but to compensate for the lack of daylight? Here we give you some interior design ideas for bathrooms without windows, which would make the room seem more airy and beautiful.
small bathroom without window beige  tub handshower

Interior design ideas for bathrooms - tiles in bright, brilliant colors
small bathroom without window yellow tiles floral mosaic bathtub

Create Ordung in the bathroom with no windows. Whether large or small, the storage in the bathroom is essential. Opt for a bright, fresh color for the bathroom walls. Dark colors in a room where there is no sunlight penetrates, is not a good option. Bright colors and pastels reflect the existing light and give a feeling of openness and cleanliness.
ideas bathroom mirror wall without window panels wood optics indirect lighting

Interior design ideas for bathroom - Lots of light and mirrors

ideas bathroom tile beige coral mosaic bath tub

ideas bathroom without windows gray tile wall shelves bordur African flowers
newspaper optic lighting mirror-washbasin

living ideas bathroom without windows black and white photo wallpaper water splash

bathroom without windows black and white mosaic brick wall indirect lighting

living ideas bathroom without windows pendant lights ceiling halogen

bathroom without window indirect lighting bathtub wall marble optics

bathroom without window deco panels forest landscape

residential tile ideas bathroom without windows attached bath lighting

ideas bathroom without window light cream tile wood optics

bath living ideas bathroom without windows beige brown tiles

small bathroom without window eck bathtub suspended ceiling indirect lighting

small bathroom mosaic pink of tailor-made basin corian

corner bath set small bathroom ceiling light green tiles

 white orange tiles indirect lighting mirror

shower glass wall wood basin beige tiles

bathroom without windows white shower curtains mirror lighting

bathroom without window indirect lighting pendant lights green accents

bathroom with no window lighting ceiling lights glittering mosaic

bathroom lighting ceiling lights halogen wall mirror

 indirect lighting wall mirror

ideas bathroom without windows blue white mirror wall shelves African
Various light sources in several places in your bathroom are the key to success. Even smaller rooms benefit from indirect lighting. Wall or table lamps on both sides of the Wadspiegels, a mirror cabinet with integrated lighting will illuminate your face well. Choose glossy surfaces or more mirrors that can reflect the available light.
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