29 modern glass shower enclosures and walk-in glass shower

If you want to remodel your bathroom, there is a big chance that you are getting the existing shower must be replaced. Gone are the days when the showers just a shower head passed the project from a tile wall. There were, in recent years many innovations in the showers technologies that wanted you probably think in your new bathroom. We have 29 great glass shower enclosures and walk-in glass shower together for you that would offer a new bathing experience.

Glass shower enclosures with corner entry are a popular choice
The bathroom shower is one of the most frequently used functions in the house and the perfect shower you can treat yourself to a special bathing experience. Today's glass shower enclosures offer an intimate space and luxurious comfort. There are a number of shower-variants of spa shower heads, steam room -shower combinations ranging up to fascinating designer shower enclosures that make choosing the perfect shower into an exciting challenge.

Glass shower enclosures with special functions
A walk-in shower has many variants and could bricked, be on one level open with a glass partition. The glass walls look simple and modern. Particularly in small bathrooms feature space. If you have a large bathroom, you can consider also a great option for 2 persons with separate shower head and water temperature control for each person.

freestanding shower cubicle with spiral shower screen - Agape Chiocciola

rectangular shower enclosure Materia Pelle of Megius

Icona Separe Wall of Meius

Oops 2 of Idea Group

Flat FN shower of Provex industry

BX500 Lite shower by Moma Design for Archi Plast

Glass shower corrugated legend of Megius

29 modern glass shower enclosures and walk-in glass shower.
29 modern glass shower enclosures and walk-in glass shower | Anna Balvaz | 5


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