101 Bathroom Pictures - examples of modern bathroom design

The modern interior style is perfect for the bathroom, because there are on the market, many contemporary fittings, surfaces, furniture sets and accessories that combine function and style in one. Some incorporate the latest high-tech gadgets, others are more influenced by the simple minimalism, third kreren wonderful Zen-sounding spa baths. Check out our great bathroom 101 pictures and find out which style fits your type.

bathroom pictures brown marble tiles mirror indirect lighting
Bathroom images and inspiration

bathroom pictures modern glass shower wooden furniture set
bathroom pictures gray aqua tiles shower double basin tank tower round
In a modern bathroom there is simply perfect order. Modern bathrooms are elegant, clean and tidy. The natural wood finish fits well here whether. Than vanity unit or tiles in a pleasant shade of wood such as cherry, oak or pine Think internationally and install a bidet or a double sink. Invest in a steam shower or whirlpool bath . The top washbasin, which seems to float on the countertop is very popular in the modern bathroom. Columns basin have also gained considerable popularity, but with them you have the extra storage space in bathroom without.
 red high-gloss bathroom furniture
Modern Bathroom Pictures
Exposed concrete, wood and slate gray wall tiles

Bathtub lined with wood

magic blue LED lighting in the bathroom

Wood shelves in the alcoves

golden gloss in the bathroom

Tub-shower combination

Bathtub with integrated shelves

 Wood furniture in the bathroom

Wall mirror for optical illusion

bathroom pictures glass shower beige wall color wall lighting

bathroom pictures wood basin sinks corian countertop mirror wall

bathroom pictures modern gray wall floor tiles bathtub window

bathroom pictures mosaic wall tiles glittering black washbasin cabinet

bathroom pictures pink indirectly led lighting ceiling

bathroom wall decoration pictures roses mosaic orange accents

sliding bathroom pictures zen ambiance wooden roof beam roof sloping ground glass

 bathroom roof sloping window wellness bath

bathroom roof sloping bath glass shower around

bathroom roof sloping mirror integrated

bathroom roof sloping window bathtub gray tiles

bathroom-sloping roof windows beige large format floor tiles beige wall color bath

athroom roof sloping window wellness bath

 bathroom tile roof sloping sand beige color built-in bathtub

bathroom roof sloped glass shower gray floor tiles

bathroom roof sloping wooden beams mirror wall tiles natural stone optic white basin vanity unit

bathroom roof sloping natural stone wall tile rustic

bathroom dark colors anthracite slate mosaic

bathroom tiles dark metal optics double basin mirror cabinet

bathroom wall dark color glass shower double basin round rug

bathroom shower glass sliding wooden floor double basin

bathroom ecru cream bath window blinds

bathroom wall tiles colors black wood basin vanity unit

bathroom tiles concrete optic bathtub wood washstand tank tower round

bathroom tiles purple green patchwork pattern

bathroom tiles diamond pattern blue gray white

bathroom design for gray mosaic tiles freestanding bath room divider

bathroom design shower glass wall rain shower handshower

bathroom design Corner Unit basin

bathroom design glass shower freestanding bath cream wall color

bathroom design shower glass shelves wall niche

bathroom design tiles gray matt purple furniture doormats

bathroom design gray tiles matt red accent towels

bathroom design pebble flooring wall shelves African led strip

bathroom design luxury freestanding bathtub mirrored surfaces

modern bathtub built-led afford

bathroom design leaning wall tiles wooden furniture

bathroom design wall mirror bathroom mirror indirect lighting

bathroom glawand zen ambiance built bathtub

gray bathroom wall tile mosaic wall basin with cabinet

bathroom wood floor floor-level shower glass segregation gray wall tiles

wood bathroom wall tiling led strips light mirror panels

bathroom-ornate wood wall table with sink cabinet concrete tower wall wall mirror

bathroom marble tiles brown wood washstand

bathroom marble tiles glazed wall beige double basin

bathroom marble wall tiles mirror cabinet wall shelves African

bathroom modern glass bathtub bedroomed segregation

modern bathroom wall tiles gray matt bath window

bathroom furniture geometric gray wall color

bathroom furniture set white mirror cabinet double basin

natural stone bathroom wash table wall mirror pool

bathroom wall tiles colorful patchwork wood shelves

 bathroom mirror cabinet retro columnar washbasins dark brown

 rustic bathroom floor tiles hexagons pattern brown beige

bathroom rustic real wood walk-in shower glass wall

rustic bathroom tiles holzopzik navy blue wall color

bathroom rustic wooden roof beams wood tank tower basin

bathroom rustic wooden wall walk-floor shower

 rustic bathroom skylight wood washbasin with cabinet double basin

bathroom tiles slate gray anthracite Walkin shower glass wall

bathroom slate gray tile roof sloping bath mirror with lighting

bathroom tiles slate-gray matt bathtub wooden floor

bathroom tiles black white furniture bathroom mirror lighting

bathroom black freestanding bathtub floor tiles patterned

bathroom wall tiles patterned abstract messy floor-level shower

bathroom white freestanding bathtub shower double basin

 wall mosaic tile purple nuances white furniture set

bath with sloping roof rustic small tiles natural stone optics built cabinet towels

walk-in glass shower bath matt black tiles

small bathroom bath shower combination golden mosaic tiles mirror

small bathroom bath handheld shower tiles stone optics

 small bathroom walk-in shower glass wall mirror indirect lighting

small bathroom decorative floral motifs wall taupe beige

om rain shower glass segregation golden mosaic tiles

small bathroom wall tiles natural stone optics basin under cabinet wood

 small bathroom wall shelves African halogen lights

 luxury bath wall floor marble tiling mirrored vanity unit wash lish

luxury bathroom floor-level shower glass wall bathtub

 luxury bathroom freestanding bath marble wall tiling

luxury bathroom large window front bathtub

 tank tower luxury bathroom wooden basin storage space round

open glass door bathroom bathtub bedroom wood cabinet

round shower enclosure glass bathroom modern center

wooden floor black bad wallpaper baroque pattern large round wall mirror

 vintage bathroom furniture wall tiles black eyed golz

 basin rustic wood legs white tank tower patterned wall tiles

Modern bathrooms are often characterized by shiny surfaces and materials such as glass and stainless steel. Designer faucets have simple rectangular or geometric shapes. The trend is towards chrome and brass. Walls are often painted in white, cream or taupe. Shower doors can be made of clear or frosted glass. A new trend in bathroom lighting is the bathroom mirror with LED lighting . The spa bathrooms feature luxury accessories such as waterfall shower heads or even a glass stove. Some luxury designs even include a mini-fridge, massage tables, changing rooms and flat screen TV on the ceiling. If you are interested in the green Zen design, add accents such as towels made from organic cotton, a bamboo mat, wicker with different textures and lots of green plants added.
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