13 new design trends in the bathroom ~ Bathroom ideas 2015

If you think about your bathroom into the new 2015 renovate , after the latest design trends, then you are inspired by these ideas bathroom here. Which colors, materials, surfaces and functions are in this year be? Just read on.

Luxury bathroom ideas for 2015

1st floor tiles, make a design statement
The trend for floor tiles with bold decorations proved to be quite popular in 2014, and this striking look is apparently not leave the bathroom in a hurry. Such tiles offer a wide design possibilities when working with bathrooms where walls create no room for creativity.

2. The beauty of natural materials
You want to have a warm and cozy swimming area? Then be inspired by nature, is a good way to schafffen a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. This would be one of the main bathroom trends in 2015. Think. To a basin of natural stone, tiles in imitation wood, marble floor or onyx countertop

3. Bathroom Ideas - Plants in the bathroom
Vertical gardens were a big hit last year and they are also found in the bathroom. A very original alternative to pot plants, right?

4th bedroom and bath in one room
Is your bathroom cramped and not particularly inviting? Then you can try this same trend - an open swimming area to the bedroom or sleeping area adjoining bath.

5. Clever Bathroom Faucets
Say goodbye to boring shower and sink faucets, welcome the new intelligent, user-friendly systems (such as thermostatic mixers, which control several water sources, and operated by touch screen showers), the user more control over the flow and temperature of the water offer.

6. Freestanding Baths
Freestanding bathtubs are still in, and not, not only because they are striking and very ornate in design, but also because they create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.
7. Tailor-made bathroom furniture
People always want more furniture adapted to their needs.

8. Geometric Tiles

9. Larger Showers
In 2015, walk-in showers with oversized glass panels that completely enclose the shower area, more popular.

10. Sustainable Style
Materials and products that are recycled or reprocessed be used in the bathroom plentiful. Why? It follows the global trend for sustainability and the growing awareness of sustainable living.

11 bathroom that reflects the style in the rest of the house
A design trend that designers predict will be great next year. Bathing zones that such an extension of the living room would look like in a way.

12 shades of gray
Gray was in 2014 a popular color choice for the bathroom and it will stay that way for a while. If you have been worried that a gray color palette would make your bathroom boring, take a look at the examples here.

13. Light effects thanks to indirect lighting
The use of effective lighting in the bathroom is an important trend in the 2015th

Wooden wall paneling and marble vanity top

rustic backdrop of wood and stone

Wall tiles in patchwork look

Wall greening of living plants in the bathroom

13 new design trends in the bathroom ~ Bathroom ideas 2015.
13 new design trends in the bathroom ~ Bathroom ideas 2015 | Anna Balvaz | 5


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