Innovative shower design from Dornbracht

Horizontal Shower Design - Shower design designed by Dornbracht

Shower design designed by Dornbracht
Designed with imagination and intelligence, this innovative shower design from Dornbracht will surely delight all spa fans. It looks so elegant, and it can transform your bathroom into a very special room where you can rest properly. The six water jets can be controlled separately, and they are at your disposal to make the shower a real experience. In fact, this innovative shower provides several ways, so that it can be set appropriately for each.
Innovative Shower Design

Modern shower design is good for health
Have you ever had problems with the circulatory and had the skin elasticity? This innovative shower design could be the solution. And as for the ladies, perhaps they will be delighted to learn that the water massage her skin softer and smoother. It is a very effective therapy and is certainly no surprise that athletes apply for rest and recovery. Several devices achieve different effects and improve your health.
chic and elegant shower
elegant and stylish shower

modern bathroom with shower innovative
The design offers different possibilities in terms of water temperature and pressure - auswuchtend, fulfilling life with, or against stress. It is proved that the heat from the water is good for the blood and the muscle. So do not miss your chance and get the shower design of advantage. Your body deserves good food - pamper yourself with this shower design. Perhaps the horizontal shower design is exactly what you need. From K.Hristova
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