Detached luxury bathtubs with extravaggantem look

So much for the old adage "less is more". This stylish detached luxury bathtubs know about glamor and style! Elegance, beauty, and comfort come together to create this modern yet timeless bath to create designs.
glass stairs tub e of wild terrain

Detached luxury bathtubs from THG

The first luxury bathtub is made of durable plastic and delicate-looking clear glass walls. The head and foot of the tub bulge upward like the prow of a ship by the arcs at each end are a subtle hint of elegance. This purple color and golden ornaments have nothing to do with minimalism, but do not worry. A subtle classic version in white is available. This free-standing luxury baths are available with optional hydrotherapy systems, headrests and lighting.
Detached Luxury Bathtubs - Minimalist white version of THG
It's exotic, it's catchy, it's Arabesque! This new tub of GHG is the idea of the design duo Catherine and Bruno Lefebvre. On the border between baroque and modern, this luxury tub combines aesthetics, functionality and technology in one. The magic black tub has a distinctive square shape with artistic ornaments. The backlight illuminates and adorns the bathrooms in a range of colors that will bring your bathroom to glow. Put this free standing bath in the middle of your bathroom, and the center of attention. Equally stylish, but on a smaller scale, are the matching Arabesque sinks.

Arabesque with purple lighting
sink bathroom lighting behind purple arabesque

Our collection of luxury tubs continues with the Marquise Bathtub by THG. These designer Art Deco bathtubs were inspired by the famous Bernadaud pattern and remind us of the French chateau style. Their dramatic black exterior is decorated with ornate bay leaf wreath and golden ornaments, all of which are carefully applied by hand. With this luxurious bathtub you would feel every day like a spoiled prince or princess.

Stainless steel version

Electronic Bath Tub-E by Wild Terrain Designs bathes in the glow. The tray is available in copper or stainless steel versions and both offer remarkable beauty. While watching the tub looks like a futuristic bucket with enchanting splendor. An elegant staircase made of perforated stainless steel wraps around the luxury bath. Small LED lights are embedded in the outer edge of the tub and provide enough light. The system has an automatic fill, empty and Cleaning- option that removes the dirt even from hard to reach places. Tub-E also has a built-in heater under the seat, where you can adjust the temperature of the water and enjoy the perfect bath. With one-touch Programming and graceful charm Tub-E offers a new look to your bathroom and a new feeling to your bathing experience.
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