Bathroom without tiles - ideas for tiles free wall design

The tiles in the bathroom are a classic, but not the only way to make your bathroom beautiful and modern. We have compiled some alternatives to tiles in the bathroom and ideas for modern wall decoration for you. The bathroom without tiles can have an equally homely feel.
zen bathroom without tiles natural stone wall glass shower enclosure wood

Bathroom without tiles - Colored glass panels

without bathroom counter top tiles alternative glass panels frosted glass
Replace traditional ceramic tiles with a sparkling glass panels in the bathroom. Provided with a wide range of vibrant colors, you can customize the back wall into a real eye-catcher. This stunning decorative glass panels are both thermally water resistant, so that they can be used also close bathtubs and showers.

Without bathroom tiles - waterproof wood wall paneling
Without bathroom tiles - waterproof wood wall paneling

Natural stone wall without tiles in the bathroom
The wood on the interior walls absorbs the moisture and experience reports produced by condensation. They also prevent mold, since some types of wood even have an antibacterial effect. Such as the jaw.


Wallpapers and color tiles in bathroom free

Wood wall panels

bathroom without wooden floor tiles wall white glass decorative panels

bathroom design without wall tiles glass wall panoramic windows bathtub

bathroom design without tile wall wood panels beige shower area

stone optics to tile bathroom wall tiling alternative wood

bathroom sight tile wall without wood bathroom furniture bath

free bathroom tiles natural stone wall wood washbasins

bathroom natural stone tiles without palm pebble zen ambiance

alternative to bathroom tiles wood wall tiling zen garden sliding doors

bathroom without tiles wood wall panels glass shower enclosure

bathroom tiles glass panels without wood optics dark

alternative to bathroom tiles glass panels wood optic glass shower enclosure

bathroom design tiles wall panels without glass wood under cabinet

bathroom tiles without eck shower cubicle wallpaper French style

bathroom without tiles wall panels pink floral wallpaper

The stone can be especially durable and colorfast in the bathroom, especially if it is properly routed. The natural stone wall creates a special rural atmosphere.
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