The ultimate luxury bathroom for a unique wellness experience

Living in style is not an easy thing. The current trend of living, determined by more openness, freedom and generosity is successfully continued in the wet areas. The contemporary luxury bathroom -a dream of many human gives peace and relaxation in an atmosphere of comfort, sophistication and refinement. Some of the most beautiful and charming bathroom concepts, which have participated in the renowned Russian competition for architects and designers PIN WIN, we present here. They are evidence of uncompromising style and a keen sense of style. Take some time to look at this, it's worth it!
Design 3d luxurious bathroom with fireplace Oksana Balamatjuk

Stylish luxury bathroom of Oksana Balamatjuk

The use of wood increases the feeling of heat in the elegant luxury bathroom
The designer Oksana Balamatjuk from Belarus presented their bathroom concept fully luxurious accents such as Siztmöbel, indoor fireplace, wooden bathtub, chandeliers and decorations. There is a bathroom of contrasts - light and dark, delicate and massive, cold and hot. On the one hand, the shower walls, mimic the frozen ice and the animal skins, on the other hand, the dancing flames of fire. Watch lighting effect and stargazing are just part of the details that indulge the senses.

Warm and relaxing winter haven

Clad walls with high quality wood

Oksana Balamatiuk bathroom interior design luxury tile chandelier

Oksana Balamatjuk bathroom design floor plan with built-in fireplace
Unusual bathroom design by Veronica Martyscheva

Creative design with distinctive details
This bathroom is dedicated to "Games". Dominoes on the wall and dice, suitable for sitting, an extravagant flair. The inset rimless bath disappears almost to the ground. Dynamic elegance, clean lines and modern technology combine to create a unique ambiance.

Device on "Games"

Luxury Bathroom inspired by nature
Evgenyi and Irina Patruschev created this nature-inspired bathroom. Absolute highlights are next to the ceiling design with tree branches silhouettes as well as the small birds wall decals.

Elegant shapes in linear design

Round window "interrupts" the rule of the right angle

cozy bathroom ceiling design-with-two-wall decals

bathroom walls with wood clad Irina Evgenyi Patruschev design

Bathroom design for aristocrats of Victoria Faynblat

Victoria Faynblat-bad-concept luxurious chandelier golden-fitting

Lavishly decorated fronts and walls, unique designer tub, gleaming gold-fitting - this is the ultimate luxury bathroom for all who yearn for more romance and No Unique in their lives.

Luxurious bath in royal style

luxury bathroom-device curtains and gold faucet wall-wallpaper-floral-pattern

bathroom luxury pur-frills deco bathtub-design 

Maria Ivanova presents Hedonism bathroom

Maria Ivanova Hedonism-bathroom-design pan-stair-lit

luxury bathroom feel-good oasis granite wall bathtub design Maria Ivanova Hedonism
Clever and luxurious at the same time, the bathroom is equipped in a straight interior design with lots of granite.
bathroom doors-translucent granite walls-flooring-maria ivanova

granite bathroom-wall tiling freestanding sink-rounded-edge

bathroom maria ivanova-design-space plan

Exotic Bathroom Design Bureau of Archwood and Marina Izmailova

Bathroom with tropical accents

Ultimate Relaxation Zone

bathroom separate areas-wall decoration-pictures boulders-marina-Izmailova

freestanding washbasins-white ceramic-luxury-bathroom-design Archwood-ru

bathroom interior design areas-marina-Izmailova

LINE8 bathroom with masculine appearance

In the luxury bathroom there is an industrial-feeling

line 8-bathroom-design-ideas masculine appearance ziegelmauer

industrial chic bathroom corner bath-black line 8
Dark and dramatic characters of Peter Sergeev

Seeming masculine-bad design-black-tiles 3d visualization
contrasts bathroom black and white dark-light drama-Petr-Sergeev

Dark dramatic bathroom interior design-Petr Sergeev

bathroom -concept interior design-plan Peter Sergeev
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