42 modern tiles for the bathroom and the living area

Transform your home in an imposing, luxurious home with ceramic tile. Contemporary tiles have many properties that make them worth in the house. They are heat resistant, cold to the touch and easy to clean. You look gorgeous in almost any room and can be adapted to any style. Use ceramic tiles in heavily used areas. Modern wall and floor tiles contribute to the decoration in the room, because they come in decorative patterns and authentic wood, stone and metal optics.

modern tiles for the bathroom and the living area

Tiles are easy to clean, come in a variety of designs that fit any budget and furnishings style. Tiles need minimal care and can withstand the daily family life. It is ideal for families with small children and pets. If you are worried that tiles would look sterile and not invite so in the living area, then you see the tiles of Armonie by Arte Casa . Established in 2001 in Sassuolo, Italy, the company for a few years has become a major player in the ceramic tile industry. Its main advantages include the wide range of formats (from mosaics to large format 120 × 120 tiles), to design (modern, rustic), prices and application areas.

Modern tiles for the bathroom

Modern tiles as highlights not only in the bathroom

combined with modern bathroom tiles

glazed and glamorous

Mother of pearl tiles in the bathroom

warm sand stone look

modern and minimalist

decorative accents in the bathroom

large format wall tiles in metal optics

elegant marble appearance in White

Here we show only some of their attractive tiles. The small-format wall tiles are passe, while the floor tiles are becoming larger and more attractive. The fine wood fits well in the bathroom, but has the robustness of a tile. The trend is tile from the bathroom above the living area. View the pictures below and themselves as modern tiles can be super highlight for any room convince you.
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