26 inspiring modern bathroom set

The bathroom is a retreat from the bustle of the day. Today towel warmer , spa bathtubs, shower stalls with multiple features, flat TVs have become part of modern bathroom design. The modern bathroom not only brings peace and relaxation, but is characterized by several elements like clean lines, mirror surfaces, materials such as chrome and steel and neutral tones like black, white and gray. How to configure the bathroom modern, find out below.
Tiles in wood optics are hit in the modern bathroom
The modern bathroom design is strongly influenced by minimalism. The design is spacious, simple but elegant. Only a few, subtle colors with soothing effect can be used. Neutral colors such as black, brown and white are often seen in the modern bathroom. The lines - simple. The surfaces - smooth. No frills and no ostentatious designs. A modern bathroom emphasizes straight lines through the design elements in the bathroom. The valves are smooth and geometrically designed. The washbasins are usually mounted on the wall. Stainless steel, glass and ceramics are chosen for the sink and faucets. Cabinet doors are handle-less to emphasize the minimalistic look on.

bathroom ideas modern design bath shower glass partition wall wood

bathroom modern oval bathtub gray wall color deco wall photo

bathroom set up modern wall tiles stone optics indirect lighting

bathroom-modern set design radiator interesting shape black bathroom furniture

Mosaic tiles as highlights

Tiles in stone and wood optics

black and white poster on the wall

Green accents in pure white bathroom

Mirror wall in the bathroom

interesting wall decoration in the bathroom

modern bathroom set color white black gray bathtub

modern bathroom set cream-colored tiles white furniture

modern bathroom set down lights color black shelves

modern bathroom set gray tiles white bathroom furniture handle less

modern bathroom set round wood furniture bath tank tower

Wood vanity with cabinet

modern bathroom sink set designer orange Wess unusual form

set modern bathroom tiles floral design mirror lighting

set modern bathroom wall pattern face female orange accents

Setting bathroom modern frosted glass sliding door bedroom bath

Setting bathroom modern luxury bathtub black glass sliding doors

Setting bathroom modern suspended ceiling indirect lighting

Create enough storage in the bathroom

matt tiles in brown

small bathroom set black white modern indirect lighting

Indirect lighting in modern bathroom creates a nice effect. Skylights and windows provide natural light in the bathroom. LED strip and recessed lighting accentuate the straight lines of the bars and shelves. Soft towels, candles, bath salts and scented oils can be used as decoration. A heated towel rail and mirror cabinet are functional and stylish. 
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