Emphasize Bathroom - Is special color in the bathroom needed?

To remove a bathroom can be tricky. After all, it is a very damp room, where water and vapor deposited on the walls. This creates a risk for development of mold and paint rubbed off. Traditional colors are often the cause of such problems. But there are special colors that can withstand moisture. Choosing the right wet room color could help you to avoid these unpleasant problems. Even the cleaning of the bathroom is much easier. What color to use in the bathroom? Here we give you some tips that may help you when choosing.
  •  Water-resistant color in the bathroom
bathroom color red raspberry white basin vanity unit

When painting with conventional color bubbles and mold develop in high humidity, but the colors with moisture resistant properties to withstand these negative effects. Some companies sell special wet room colors in particularly problematic areas. However, in most bathrooms also an ordinary glossy color could be enough moisture resistant. The wetter the bathroom, the brighter the color should be. 
  •  Mold resistant paint in the bathroom
Bathroom with pitched roof
Moisture can promote mold growth, even in high-gloss colors. While it is easier to remove mold from colors with high gloss finish, but it would be better to prevent this problem early. Select a damp proof paint with special chemical fungicides that kill spores of the fungus.

bathroom tiles without white sky blue bin double basin

bathroom wall color aubergine beige wall tiles bathtub window

bathroom wall color baby blue aqua bath shelves

bathroom wall color raspberry mirrored furniture

bathroom waterproof color gray white high gloss bathroom furniture

bathtub underline color bathroom tiles lilac purple white

color green wood bathroom basin vanity unit walk-in shower

color wood fronts bathroom green water-repellent double basin

modern bathroom corner bath beige tiles lavender wall color

pastel blue wood bathroom basin vanity unit without color tiles

purple wall color vintage bathroom sinks towel bars

small bathroom wall mirror marble washstand plate round tower-basin stone optics

special color purple aubergine white bathroom mirror wall bathtub

stripe color bathroom white yellow silver small space

underline color orange bathroom tiles white mosaic

wall color bathroom accent wall orange wood furniture handle-free fronts

wall color green bathroom shelves led strip

waterproof bathroom color lilac round tank tower wood washstand

waterproof color bad damp areas smaller tank tower basin round

waterproof color creme bath tub glass segregation wood washstand

waterproof wall color mosaic bathroom bathtub area

  •  Oil paints
While these colors can cause air quality problems while they dry, but they offer a much more durable, moisture repellent finish than most watercolors. Oil colors are rarer than latex and other water-based inks used, but are still readily available and could be a good solution for wet locations. They require the use of solvents for cleaning and it may take a while to dry, so make sure the bathroom is well ventilated.  
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