The small bathroom is a major challenge

The small bathroom is always a great challenge. Even Singles know the difficulties - almost no storage space, no free space, often turning over itself problematic. And no later than when friends come visiting, then it is clear - a new practical layout and space distribution is necessary.

Bathroom design mosaic tiles oak bathroom furniture
Plan step by step - The small bathroom

the small bathroom shower cubicle wash basin above
The small bathroom remodel can be difficult - this is mainly because that the water line determines the course of the wash basin and shower cubicle. But with a few simple tricks can make good use of the available space. Space-saving, for example, the corner cabinet, wall shelves or in niches. The bathroom furniture and bathroom faucets should be matched - for example, a sink and a bathtub with clean lines make even the small bathroom look more spacious. The experts advise to waive shower stall and replace it with an integral shower in close to the sink.

The small bathroom - tiles or wall color?

The small bathroom - tiles or wall color?

Small modern bathroom with tiles in wood look

Bathroom with bath and washbasin in the same minimalist style

The small bathroom - perfect planning and spatial distribution

Blue wall tiles and glass wall

Children painting hanging on the wall - small bath for the extended family

Bathtub in the attic - space-saving idea

Bathroom with window - the white wall design can affect the space generous

Bathroom with dark brown floor tiles and mosaic tiles

Blue wall tiles for shower cabin

Bathtub in the attic - practical and space-saving

Bathroom with mosaic tiles in natural colors and wooden bathroom furniture

Tiles in natural stone look make the small bathroom look cozy and modern

small bathroom set shower cabin roof slope

small bathroom attic double sinks

the small bathroom furniture large mirror bathtub window

make the small bathroom ideas bath vanity

Bathroom small corner shower cubicle around basin

Sink glass bathroom tiles blue color

Storage space small bathroom freestanding shelves

black white bath vanity mirror

narrow small bathroom design ideas shower stall

While a large room allows certain freedom, a fully tiled small bathroom looks much better than a bath with floor tiles and wall color. Large tiles or glossy mosaic tiles in bright colors look inviting and create optical illusion - so the room looks spacious and comfortable from. In decoration, one should rather not - instead, provides soft lighting for pleasant atmosphere.
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