Exploit the space skillfully - ideas for small bathrooms

Even small bathrooms can be charming and perfectly equipped for the daily needs of an individual design concept. Thanks to clever bathroom design, you have to give your small bathroom neither comfort nor on your own style. A new set of suggestions and ideas for small bathroom we have ready for you!

Remember that the size is not necessarily decisive. Small bathroom - small problems! Take advantage of bathroom components that were developed especially for small bathrooms. Raumsparede sanitary facilities, bathtubs with short dimensions and bathroom furniture that can be integrated to fit, offer practical storage space for accessories and provide a tidy arrangement. Clever set light sources and wall mirrors make small bathrooms appear more spacious. Practically floor-level frameless showers that can also increase space. To avoid visual barriers let wall and floor tiling throughout.

Utilize limited space sensible
Installation practical bathroom furniture in niches creates more space and storage space. On the wall mounted sink and hanging toilets increase the floor area. Also, bathtubs and bathroom furniture with legs the same effect. For a harmonious atmosphere, the design should be simple and uniform act.

Eyecatcher in small bathroom
In a cozy feel-good oasis can transform your compact bathroom - many of your bathroom are also feasible. Eyecatchter can ornament full art pieces, furniture in a vivid color tone or colorful pattern wallpaper. The use of mosaic tiles or wall-borders creates stylish accents and an appreciation of the small room. Do not use too much accessories in a small bathroom, which can affect the room untidy.

Decorative wall tile accents

A uniform floor covering makes the space larger

Corner solutions fit into small bathrooms

Round forms make the room appear softer

Making use of available space in the bathroom optimal

Set up mini-baths uniformly

Large tiles and mirrors to stretch the room look

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