The perfect bathroom design - Choosing Your New Bathtub

The bathtub has long since exceeded its purely practical function. She plays with styles and forms, is ergonomic and their technical features are constantly being improved to offer us unforgettable moments of relaxation at home can. Built-in, corner-shaped, free-standing, with possibility for water massage or aromatherapy, with glowing panels. .the choice of models is really impressive! What still needs when choosing the bathtub and the bathroom make note?
bathroom shape bathtub built-assembly Corian WAVE MACRO

Many manufacturers are experimenting with the materials. Of course, you can still find the cast iron bathtubs, but there is the problem of heat dissipation, and the durability of the coating. There are bathtubs made ​​of glass, concrete, wood, but they remain more in the field of artistic design and not so much in practice. The new materials for the bathrooms are easy to clean and resistant, they retain their shine longer. The most common and affordable option are the acrylic tubs. The thickness of the acrylic glass plate should be no thinner than 4 mm. The surface can be scratched, but it can easily be polished again and her radiant appearance is restored. A modern plastic Corian ® is lately always current with the well production. He is pleasant to the touch, with a surface that is not slippery and can take any form. At the beginning it was produced only in white, but today you can find it in a variety of colors. If this plastic is scratched, it can be polished again. Its disadvantages are that the price still remains high and its weight does not allow to be mounted anywhere. There are a number of other synthetic materials, which are combined quartz, acrylic, PVC and other natural minerals ... all these provide exceptional strength of the coating and ease of maintenance. There are bathtubs that can change their coverage, for example, it is difficult under normal conditions, but in contact with hot water it is soft and provides a pleasant feeling on the skin.

freestanding bathtub Corian rectangular handshower ERGO NOMIC Rexa Design
built-in rectangular bath Corian handshower ERGO NOMIC Rexa Design
Depending on the room size and its location, the baths can be the following types: freestanding tub e - it is placed in the center of the bathroom and equipped with freestanding bath taps on the bottom. Another possibility is the built-in bathtub - current trays are acrylic with plates that are fixed easily and reliably on the bathtub; the plates can be made ​​of plywood, wood imitation or other decoration, can also serve as storage space for cosmetics and other items. Another option is the built-bath lined with tiles . This is perhaps the classic version, currently still very popular.

freestanding enameled bathtub BETTEART Bette
The taps for the bath can be mounted on the wall or on the tub, but can be free-standing on the floor. It is desirable to combine them with a hand shower. They can be embedded in the wall. Integrated valves are a good solution with regard to the cleaning and aesthetics.
bathtub glass segregation clear glass CLIP SOPRAVASCA Idea Group

rectangular bathtub Korakril UNICO Rexa Design

rectangular bathtub glass shower partition wall Korakril UNICO Rexa Design

rectangular akryl bathtub headrest STARCK DURAVIT Italia

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modern bathroom corner bath whirlpool NOVA HAFRO

modern bathroom corner bath whirlpool wood ERA PLUS HAFRO

modern bathroom furniture FIMA Carlo Frattini thermostatically ZETA

freestanding round bathtub Korakril HOLE Rexa Design

freestanding solid wood bath NORVEGIA Dogi GeD Arredamenti

freestanding bathtub wood shelves surrounded MARIPOSA 50 LASA IDEA

built-enameled tub hand-shower BETTE SELECT Bette

built-in bathtub hand brause Korakril BOMA Rexa Design

make bathroom rectangular bathtub Korakril UNICO Rexa Design

bathtub glass segregation frosted glass handshower CLASSI Samo

bathtub glass segregation handshower CLASSIC Samo

make bath bathtub glass wall shower handshower BETTECORA SWING II Bette

Besides the usual bathtubs and those can be found for specific requirements, this show, for example, a reduced height (45 cm) for easy access; reduced volume, low consumption of water, with a larger volume of water for two people. There are such models, the bath and shower combined.
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