Bathrooms proposals - 11 styles from different countries


Determines but everyone has a country or a culture that is particularly dear to him, and whose style appeals to them. Is this also the case for you, this article is just right for you. Here we have compiled an impressive bathroom ideas for you that represent the unique styles from 11 different countries. Not only living and bedrooms can theme liable to be set up. The bathroom offers this possibility, but rarely, is commemorated there in it. Look at how you can get strange worlds in your home:

2nd bathroom proposals from Turkey
The heart of this Turkish style bathroom is the sunken bath. On the whole, natural colors are used, which are partly due to the wood.

Modern Turkish bath

2nd bathroom Suggestions - Morocco
Mosaic is also in this case, and all that is exotic and passionate. Use the Moroccan style so bold colors and combine them with oriental shapes and materials. In this example, the nuances of the color purple or violet have been chosen to receive the contrasts nicely with some turquoise accents.

3. Bathroom proposals from Japan
Japan is truly very far away, but you can at least also easily bring the culture to the bathroom. For only a means à la Zen is necessary. Simple and straight lines with an interior garden stand out here very well.

4. Luxury bathroom in the style of China
Even China is far away country, many of the dreams. Nevertheless, this does not prevent removal from establishing your bathroom into a luxurious such, Chinese style. This shiny silver, and precious marble was used.

5. Proposals bathroom - Arabia
Feel like a sheik and get 1001 Nights into the house by designing your bathroom luxurious. Here luxury is gold and black marble broadcast and the round bath is a real eye-catcher.

6. bathroom ideas from Scandinavia
The Scandinavian style is very popular for any room. In the bathroom, he is practical and is characterized by clean lines and simple décor. The practical properties of the Scandinavian-style furniture are perfect for small bathrooms.

7. Establishment proposals from Russia
And how about Russian luxury? Wonderful accents form the patterned tiles, but also the fine cabinets and faucets in golden color. You feel it the same as the Tsar personally!

8. Cosmopolitan-style bathrooms America

9.Badezimmer idea from Greece

10. Bathrooms proposals - Italy and Tuscany
If your bathroom has a wooden ceiling, it is perfect for a Tuscan style. Again, bright and warm colors are used for the walls, the ceiling is highlighted. A Scandinavian flair receives the bathroom but through the wooden sauna that fits well in the bathroom.

11. Italian Modernism
Instead of romantic Tuscany you can also choose the modern Italian style for the bathroom design. But even here, the romance does not have to be missing. You are being offered by ornate candle holders and candles that illuminate the room in black marble.
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