Modern bathroom design - bathroom ideas for wellness oasis

Usually, for all of us the modern bathroom a stylish and soothing retreat located at home. But as you notice a new trend: many homeowners are more than happy to extra time and precious money to invest to create a spacious outdoor bathroom. Many dream just being able to take a refreshing dip after a long, busy day in this bathroom oasis outside. And in this search for the beautiful bath in spa style the traditional walls were literally torn to blur the line between inside and outside. A beautiful outdoor bath combines complete privacy with the affinity of the residents to nature, which is really second to none.
We are sure that some modern bathroom bathrooms in this article is simply fascinating. If you thought until now, a relaxing bath in the backyard is not exactly your thing, try to think about it again! In the photo below - Design of Rolling Stones Landscape.

Modern bathroom design - pure luxury bathroom ideas for a ambience

Modern bathroom design - direct access from the bath in the garden
Forget it not you plan and design, an outdoor bathroom must be placed directly in front of the main bedroom as its extension appear outside. The style and theme of the bath outdoors defined by the internal arrangement of the design of the outside area. If you have a garden with tropical plants, this is a good topic that you can continue. Others prefer the Asian look to imitate the aura of a relaxed spa bath can. In the photo above - Design by Ethan Tweedie

Modern bathroom design - a bathtub in the backyard?
The trend of the outdoor bathroom is made by very quickly, which is why most designers are dedicated to visually and architecturally connect with the rest of the house. The idea here is to the deck, patio or porch to turn into a natural extension of the house, so you get the best of both. Glass walls and curtains are one of the most popular ways to bring nature into the interior. A separation of the shower area and bath tub- space between the inner and the outer region is another cool choice. This gives the bathroom also an airy feel. In the photo above - project of Ivan Sastrawiguna.

Modern bathroom design - the garden shower perfect for cooling off on hot summer days
Even if you are not blessed with a large backyard, all you need is a small alcove next to the bathroom outside, to transform it into a wonderful shower area. If you live in a cold region, then you can use glass panels for the roof and the walls. They offer a perfect insulation. Design by Terra Rubina

Modern bathroom design - pure wellness experience
We also assume many people do not like to shower outside in the open air. Maybe they do not have enough space in the garden or not enough resources to do this? For those who have a bathroom, which is in no way connected to the existing garden, we have a simple but wonderful way to a free-standing bathtub for a swim under the stars book! Many of the modern models can always run off easily and require little installation work and the revival of retro models and bathtubs with colorful claw-foot is back in! The Bohemian style is now cooler than ever.
A bathhouse in the backyard can be a liberating and invigorating experience for anyone who can fill your life with reclaimed momentum and awaken your senses to a new life. If you have dreamed of until now from a spa bath, you can go directly to have- just a few steps away from your living room now! In the photo above - Design by Chad Robert.

Modern bathroom design with tiled wood-effect of Raymond Forehand

Bathroom with glass partition by Gregory Pierce

Freestanding Bathtub and modern bathroom cupboards MMM Interiors

Modern outdoor bathroom design by Summerour Architects

Blue mosaic tiles for beach feeling in the garden - Design by Cathy Schwabe

Freestanding Bathtub in the garden - Design of Rolling Stone Landscapes

Free Standing Bath on the terrace - Design by Ventura Homes

Modern bathroom design with an exotic touch of Zac Architecture
Modern bathroom design - bathroom ideas for wellness oasis
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