Sliding shower cubicles for modern bathrooms

Years ago, one has dreamed of a shower stall only, for they had nothing like this at home. The modern design and facilities in modern houses have our ideas and perceptions changed significantly. Now there are many such houses bathroom amenities, a spa - can compete or even a luxury resort. So, it's time for you to renovate your bathroom even if you have not done so far. Today we have a good suggestion for you: sliding door shower stalls! They bring thousands benefits and make your bathroom stylish and elegant!
Sliding shower cabins save a lot of space and with the beautiful use of glass for the housing can there never feel restricted. On the contrary, you will have a great time in your shower stall! Here are a few beautiful and efficient ways how you can incorporate them into your own bathroom.

Sliding shower cubicles for modern bathrooms

Sliding shower cabins: Dare to try it!
Here is a beautiful and sophisticated shower cabin that fits seamlessly into most contemporary bathrooms. The sliding glass door is combined with a glass wall so that the housing is always visually connected to the rest of the bathroom. This shower enclosure can also be used in a corner in the bathroom, which would otherwise be ignored.
Shower cabin from Ningbo Tengyu
Sliding shower cubicles use the available space useful
Bathroom Shower Stall of trends
This shower enclosure does not interfere with the design of the rest of the room. It fits well in a corner and is nicely hidden. If you have a similar space in your own home, then you can change the whole appeal of your bathroom by simply adding the sliding glass doors.

Modern glass shower cabin
Frameless glass shower doors might look good, but they are not equally good for all. Depending on the dimensions and the authentic theme of your bathroom, glass shower doors could in a polished chrome frame wrapped a very good solution. This sliding shower doors bring up elegance and sophistication with a special design like this one, they are ideal for small bathrooms , trying to save space.

Sliding shower enclosures are suitable for modern living style
The uniqueness of this shower stall is in its fully transparent walls that allow enough visibility from all sides. Can you feel the fine spirit of contemporary minimalism here? The intelligent use of dark tiles in the background accents the transparent brilliance. Bring the good times back home!

Shower stall for the corner of the room
Corner rooms are usually problematic in the design, no matter where they are exactly. If you have a free corner room just in the bathroom, your creative designers show possibilities there. The perfect way there's a shower! The framed glass brings a sense of robustness. If you opt for neutral colors, you will create a soothing atmosphere, then you can brighten the area with some flowers or something natural greenery.

Bathroom design with a minimalist touch
Shower Stall by Artistic Tile
Most glass shower enclosures seem to bring a touch of semi-minimalism. This shower room downstairs symbolizes the "less is more" philosophy. He just acts on the eyes and saves as much of the available space. This special something works well in most modern studio apartments and small houses. And do not worry that this glass will always be absolutely clean.

Frameless glass shower door
Simply slide the glass door to the side and enjoy your shower! Sliding shower screens also allow you a good look in the room. This wonderful mix of dark and light colors, lots of natural light, delicate wood tones and a straightforward design overwhelm us here. Both aesthetically and ergonomically meets the straight to the heart!

Space saving space solutions
Mark Brand Architecture
While a normal glass door, the hinges have been used, occupies more space, every time you open it, there is no such problem with the sliding door. A work of art on the wall can refresh the atmosphere in an intelligent way.

Anchor Ventana Glass
Additional elements surrounding the shower area, making it even more attractive. Something Green, a beautiful window with curtains, one - two piece of wall art that gives the entire bathroom a soothing look.

The use of exclusive black tiles for this area of ​​the bathroom is the shower enclosure a whole new look. They occur in contrast with the rest of the bathroom, where almost everything is finished in white. Once again, the sliding glass doors offer a seamless and elegant solution and a sufficiently large shower area. The Interesting application of flora creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the interior.
Sliding shower cubicles for modern bathrooms.
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