Floating sink with cabinet - Ideas for your bathroom

There are certain things that are considered a must in almost every modern home. These are always accepted as important and right in the bathroom-design-planning for a new home. While the living room and bedrooms certainly occupy most of your planning time, we must not forget that the design of a bathroom really is a must. It should appear as a natural extension of the rest of the house. Try to set up your new home and shape that it is a single flowing design concept has. Today we want to give you some varied ideas for a floating sink with cabinet show here that can help you in your choice of bathroom furniture.

A sink with vanity unit offers many advantages

Sink and cabinet are generally regarded as a mandatory part of every bathroom. But this is exactly your individual choice, this bathroom furniture you can choose depending on your personal preferences and adapt to your individual free space in the bathroom, that they may serve you well. A floating sinks Unterschränk is currently very trendy because it not only looks stylish but also can also offer you many advantages.

The cabinets have no feet, so you can save on space
One of the most rapidly distinguishing necessities of modern life is the maximum use of every available space. This is completely understandable and this trend can be seen not only in the big cities. The cool little lofts and studios Apartment- are becoming increasingly popular and more popular, right there is a floating vanity exactly the right place, because then you can really save space in your bathroom.
Just like the stylish work at home under the stairs or intelligent hidden surfaces, as these hung washbasin Write neatly into the smallest bathroom.

Sink with cabinet - smooth, stylish and appropriate
The beautiful floating cabinets in the bathroom giving a sense of authenticity to the design - and design concept of your modern interior there. With its stylish look and the elegant form of vanity is a perfect addition to a bathroom that is modern and minimalism but wants to remain faithful to the authentic theme in the rest of the house.
Of course, that is by no means that you only have to stay in a minimalist design, because you can still opt for a vintage look in wooden or create a retro look with a splash of color. The variety of options available to you and that is an added bonus for you.

The direct light exactly
When we speak here of your floating cabinets and vanity it, then there is still something you have to do, namely to the correct lighting in the bathroom thinking. More specifically, the light there must be addressed. If it is not addressed in a precise way, it can be out of your perfect dream bathroom to put a nightmare. A dimly lit bathroom looks both clumsy and unattractive. It would be good if you could always include an expert, he can give you determine the best advice regarding assembly of your floating base cabinets in the bathroom. The wall must actually take all the weight that should also be taken into account.
We hope our tips will also help you to make a right choice and install the floating bathroom furniture without error. Hopefully soon you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Bathroom furniture with great cabinet combinations

Floating sink with cabinet - Ideas for your bathroom
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