Bathroom design - 23 design ideas for an original ambience

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the apartment, which is used to relax after a hard day's work. To accomplish this purpose, it must radiate a natural atmosphere where you can feel at ease. Various designs of tiles and an endless choice of colors and color combinations make it possible to design the bathroom design and customization according to your taste. If you are looking for fancy ideas for bathroom design, you'll like this article determined with 23 examples for inspiration. They are a great option for ordinary bathroom design. You will certainly find something suitable for your bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas - Glossy tiles with reflective effect
This idea is the perfect idea for small bathrooms . If you choose tiles of this kind, the bathroom will appear that is larger than it actually is. And it does not matter if you choose a darker color as in this example for the bathroom design.

Bathroom design of mirror tiles in mosaic

Maritime colors for the bathroom design
To give a maritime charisma to the bathroom, various shades of blue and color combinations are very good. So you can tile in aqua, turquoise, sand or blue-green. As you can see, by a romantic ambience is created which also ensures that holiday feeling. Also, the shape of the tiles can be selected suitable, as is the case with this bath design that imitates fish scales.

Fish scale design in turquoise for the bathroom

Turquoise tiles for the bathroom Destroyed

Bathroom design of a combination of light blue and gray

Maritime design in blue and white

Ornate Designs

Dark mosaic design with yellow flower motifs

Bathroom design of bright colors

Mosaic tiles in horizontal design

Exotic Design

Bathroom design - pattern and combination of materials

Monochrome design

Natural colors in the bathroom
Bathroom design - 23 design ideas for an original ambience.
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