The sensors shower by Dornbracht brings nature into the bathroom

How nice it would be if we could determine the weather itself? With the sensors shower by Dornbracht this is now possible in part because it is inspired by nature and this brings. Directly into your bathroom Thanks to the integrated sensors with digital display, you can fashion how you want to enjoy the water in the shower, set. So you have the possibility of water such as rain to flow from the shower head or experience it like a storm and fog.

Sensors shower by Dornbracht rain effect
And that's not all what the breathtaking sensors has to offer shower by Dornbracht! In addition, there are certain smells, light effects and of course temperatures to mimic a variety of weather conditions. This can be obtained with only one keystroke per their needs and mood well again. You have the choice between different colors you can also combine. So it is possible to create a wonderful rainbow effect, as he often arises after rain. So if you want to perk up with a fresh and cool morning rain or want to feel the force of a tropical storm, the sensors shower Dornbracht is the right choice. Get with "Sensory Sky Shower" a touch of nature in combination with luxury in your own bathroom!

Sensors shower by Dornbracht with different light color

The sensors shower with mist effect

Imitate a storm with the sensors shower by Dornbracht

Adjust the shower with sensors according to your mood

Change the showering pleasure with the sensors
Shower Design by Dornbracht .
The sensors shower by Dornbracht brings nature into the bathroom | Anna Balvaz | 5


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