Innovative solutions for the bathroom - walk-in shower with built-in heater

Have you ever thought to heat the shower water through a radiator? Monolith of Brandoni is an amazing shower, which was equipped with an integrated heater. The design of the designer Fabrizio Batoni Tuscan combined symbolically in one design, the two elements of water and fire and stands for visual and functional balance. Thus, a new understanding for Bathroom Heating was created.
Designer shower-modern Integrated Brandoni-Monolite radiator

Monolith impresses with an innovative concept for Heating Bathroom
The combined device revolutionized the modern bathroom. As the name suggests itself, it seems monolithic and massive. The walk in shower is equipped with a shower glass partition. It requires a small footprint. Monolith is placed in the middle of the bathroom, the transformed shower into a true highlight. The model is available in standard sizes and in a wide range of colors - from white, cream white, on beige, brown, gray, anthracite up to green and blue.

Design combines shower head, heater and faucet

Designer shower combined fire with water

Mono Lite by Brandoni - an innovative bath system, made ​​with small dimensions

Bathroom heating solution designer shower combined radiator

Monolith works as a shower, heating and heated towel rail. The walk-in shower makes for a relaxing bathing experience. It convinces by its concept, is based on an extremely simple and functional at the same time idea. The designer shower can be in different design styles and gives them integrate with their elegant steel fitting a minimalist touch. It offers eco-friendly features.
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Brandoni manufactures since 1989, designer radiators. The evolution of the technologies allows a greater presence of aesthetics. The recognizable design of the company is highly appreciated by the customers because of its contemporary design language and high-quality material selection. The walk in shower with heater monolith is suitable for special, for the private comfortable bath or spa and wellness centers.
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