Washbasin Design by Rexa Design in minimalist look

We present a collection of Italian sinks that give each bathroom a great look. The design washbasin by Rexa Design present a unique concept for refined bathrooms, characterized by minimalist elements. The nature and the interior merge so that they form a fascinating unit. The sinks are made ​​of Corian and Korakril what the high quality of the furniture is guaranteed.
washbasin design by Rexa Design

"Fonte" is the first basin model of the collection that we present to you. It is characterized by fine elements. The sink is easy to assemble and disassemble and this makes it very adaptable to different spatial situations. Fonte was inspired by the Japanese philosophy and research for inner harmony that turns everyday activities into small rituals. "Hole" is a project with a very great design. The sinks are of cylindrical shape and with contrasting black inside and white outside. The clarity of shape can be determined as minimalist. "Ergonomic" are sinks that combine efficiency and innovation together. The models are made of steel and Corian. They bring simple aesthetics and comfort to the bathroom.
Minimalist Design washbasin made of high quality materials

slightly curved lines

bathroom sink interior design modern collection

boma washbasin collection color scheme modern

boma interior design bathroom sink device

collection fonte sink corian material bathroom furnishings

Wooden fronts of vanity cabinet

Rectangles in motion

clean lines and pure white color
giano collection Italian interior design bath minimalism

giano sink minimalist interior design furniture corian

hole collection oval washbasins Italian bathroom furniture

hole facility bathroom minimalist modern

Italian collection fonte sink trendy minimalist

Italian washbasin collection Rexa Design modern

Design washbasin collection provides elegance in the bathroom

minimalism neutral colors sink bathroom furnishings

sink argo collection trendy Italian design

sink cylindrical shape collection modern furniture design

wall-hung washbasin

sink fonte interior design corian quality materials means

sink fonte minimalism bathroom interior design furniture

unico sink minimalism interior furniture bathroom

minimalist wall shelves

"Wamp" is the diamond in the Italian collection by Rexa Design. The sink impress by geometric lines and minimalist elements. They look like sculptures made of Corian in the bathroom. Boma are sink with small dimensions which allow a better use of space. Your elegant cone shape offers durcht flowing lines. By square and simple shapes, the designers inspire sink "Giano". Geometric edges and white Korakril give the private room more elegance. In contrast to "get" the Giano washbasin are black on the outside and white inside. "Argo" is produced Korakril and represents an element with "L" shape.'s Compact sinks are ideal for small bathrooms. "Unico" is a highlight in the Italian bathroom collection. It is free standing and is offered in standard and mini versions. The whole concept is a good solution for modern decor in the bathroom in a minimalist style.
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