Minimalist Bathroom Design - 33 Ideas for elegant bathroom design

Minimalism in interior design gives the impression of a tidy and clean room, so this style is perfect for the modern bathroom design. A minimalist bathroom design is characterized by restrained decorative elements and bathroom furniture with clean lines. The excess is cleared out and the bathroom would look neat as ever. You can set nice accents by them skillful use of materials, colors and textures anyway. Check out our 33 ideas for modern bathrooms, which are strongly influenced by minimalism.

minimalist white bathroom basin vanity unit floating bathtub
Furniture and accessories with a simple design would help you to design a minimalist bathroom, without that it looks too sterile and almost empty. The furniture is practical and often without handles. The symmetry and clear geometric shapes are typical of the minimalist decor. Choose light colors like white and cream. Play with different shades and textures.

modern bathroom minimalist white light gray detached washstands 

bathtub taupe tiles modern bathroom minimalist large wall mirror 

modern bathroom minimalist elegant white bathtub lighting 

minimalist bathroom spa ambiance down lights shelves bathtub 

minimalist white bathroom counter top wood cabinet with handle less 

minimalist bathroom glass shower enclosure tile wood optics 

minimalist bathroom shower area glass wall roof sloping window 

minimalist bathroom wall mirror behind basin under shelf lighting 

minimalist bathroom flooded with light door garden sandstone  

minimalist bathroom stone wall optics ground black basin  

minimalist bathroom design mirror door large format floor tiles orange

tiles minimalist bathroom design floating basin cream

minimalist bathroom stone wall optics ground black basin  

minimalist bath room wood floor wood basin bathtub egg  

minimalist bathroom floor tiles wood optic mosaic shower area  

bathroom black rectangular bath rain shower  

narrow bathroom minimalist design shower bath  

modern bathroom shower area mosaic white glass door  

modern bathroom bathtub hallway floor tiles sandstone  

minimalist bathroom basin two steel tiles sandstone   

minimalist bathroom mirror black ground behind lighting  

minimalist bathroom skylights bathtub gray white  

minimalist bathroom floor tiles freestanding washbasin  

minimalist bathroom white gray down-lights handle-free fronts  

minimalist bathroom design under cabinet wood optics basin  

minimalist bathroom shower curtain black gray  

modern bathroom beige floating basin shower glass isolated  

minimalist bathroom roof sloping gray floor tiles bathtub  

minimalist bathroom tub shower enclosure frosted glass doors  

minimalist bathroom furniture handle-less geometric shapes  

minimalism in the bathroom black marble wall  

eck bathroom bath shower area glass wall separated  

The soft, light colors will create a refreshingly minimalist and relaxed feeling in the bathroom. Use these colors as a backdrop for the furniture. You can also determine the areas with different nuances. A trend nowadays is to separate the shower area with a glass wall or a visual border with tiles in a different color. You can emphasize certain zones in the bathroom with recessed lights or LED strips - behind the bathroom mirror, the ceiling or along the ground.
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