100 Bathroom Design Ideas - combine stone and wood

The combination of wood and stone has indisputably a great attraction - and who craves coziness in your own bathroom, should decide. We will show 100 bathroom design ideas natural look - and give you some tips on how to best combine the materials.

For a successful bathroom design is not enough just a quick visit to the local hardware store. Everything was supposed to begin with the planning - that is, as a first sketch of the room with precise dimensions is created. Then wash basin, shower cubicle, bath, etc. marked. Doors and windows for the selection of materials is important.
Only after the sketch is done, can be given to the proper combination of materials. For clarity, we offer a quick comparison between the variants:
Bathroom Design natural materials - design ideas with wooden and stone accents

Bathroom Design - Flooring and wall cladding natural stone tiles:
+ Makes the perfect backdrop for the furniture of wood
+ Makes the bathroom look more spacious
+ Underneath floor heating can be installed
- Then there are limescale and mold can form
- Regular maintenance is quite time consuming
Stone species for use in the bathroom are particularly well - granite, marble, travertine, gravel, slate.

Flooring and wall cladding wood
+ Creates a cozy atmosphere
+ Is especially suitable for small bathrooms
+ Extremely easy to clean and mildew resistant
- Below ground heating can not be mounted
Wood species that are particularly well suited for use in the bathroom - black locust, beech, oak, Bangkiraiholz ​​. After creating the sketch and the selection of wall cladding and flooring only remains to find the right bathroom furniture - here you have a fairly wide range of variants. These can be made of natural materials as well, but also ceramic looks great and is also a convenient alternative.

Modern Bathroom Design - Bathroom furniture from oak and sandstone tiles

Thank you for reading 100 Bathroom Design Ideas - combine stone and wood. Hope you enjoy it.
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