Trend colors for the bathroom - ideas for a new look

Your bathroom and older Bathroom needs an update? Good to experiment suitable for walls that can be painted quickly. With a few brush strokes and new colors for the bathroom, the renovation designed quickly and easily. Here are some ideas of space.

Finding the right color for your bathroom
The modern bathroom is no longer just the daily hygiene. As a beauty salon, living and wellness area, this space shall be designed according to color. Under typical colors for the bathroom pastels and white-blue combinations are usually meant. Very popular are mint green , yellow marzipan, sunny yellow or plum purple, whose effect is enhanced by their complementary colors. This does not mean that these nuances must also like. Apart from the trends, there are certain preferences that reflect the individual's sense of living.

Bring into the bathroom new life
If you want to paint your bathroom, you should go with the color selection not only then, which one is your favorite color. The wall color should passen- also to the rest of the room to the floor, to the fittings, the tiles and the bathroom furniture. Narrow and small bathrooms, you'd better delete in bright colors, as they provide both a good mood. It is also easier on your sense of color, if the walls are brighter. With homely elements such as bathroom doors in wood, laminate flooring or tiled walls papered instead you enhance wellbeing. Wood textures also provide for a change of the smooth surfaces.

Bathroom with a touch of luxury
In bathroom design also reflects the trend in custom hand-cleaning surfaces. Earthy Tones, stone gray, yellow sand are complemented by highlights in gold, platinum, bronze, copper, greens. To the strike of the bathroom, the so-called acrylic latex paints are suitable. In stores you will also receive other special moisture-proof colors for the bathroom that can withstand a lot more humidity and therefore begin no mold.

Ensure the not wengiden Pepp
Last but may in addition to the new wall color is not the missing bathroom accessories. From the WC set, bath towels, soap dispenser, to furnishings - with adhesive foil your bathroom gets a new look. Even outlets and light switches you can customize with masking tape in the appropriate color. Finally, everything has to fit.

Vivid green grass makes a clean and inviting impression

Towels in the new color of the bath round off the appearance

Wooden cabinets are very good in spite of the great color contrast to light

An unusual combination between nature and luxury

A bit of glamor in dazzling colors

Trend colors for the bathroom yellow

Nature inspired colors

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