28 outside bathrooms shower and bathup ideas

Outside bathroom is unusual idea but it will give free sensations. how many of us that has already applied it, bathing outside and so close to nature. Outside Shower, Bathtub, patio can be interesting stuff. Here they are Bathroom design with some idea that you may be surprised and reveal your wild side, enjoy it.
Japanese style, with bamboo landscape
If you have this one, I am sure you'll love it to take a bath at noon.
Outdoor or indoor shower, but it has beautiful sun lighting.
modern bathroom suitable if you have enough spaces
couldn't find it better.
close to nature, plants and woods.
bamboo, and tropical shower
Beach swirl pool
beach bathtub
Modern shower
Brick and rock, release your wild side
forest view
Rocks and forest
ethnic, tropical shower
So, have you decide which one is belong to your next outside bathroom? Let it be free and wild and close to nature.
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