Modern bathroom with whirlpool tub for connoisseurs

The bathroom is pure for many of the place of relaxation and recreation. A modern bathroom with whirlpool tub is the ideal solution if you want to experience the best spa and wellness feeling at home without great expense. Here we show you some of the most modern whirlpool bathtubs with many additional functions.


With garden view

Bath with whirl function: as you whirl always relaxed

Modern with glass block

Warm Spa style

Modern wirlpool
The whirlpool tub is hardly imagined without a bath for connoisseurs. Well integrated, evaluates your bathroom visually. The whirlpool tub is however pure thought not only for recreation, but finds versatile use in medical therapies. By hydromassage disease, and back pain are relieved, muscles relaxed and the whole body is massaged.

But the whirlpool offers more than just massage jets. Some models have color light for color light therapy, creating just the right mood. Foam, oil and fragrance - all you used in a conventional bathtub, is welcome in the whirlpool tub. With äthetischen oils you can still enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while you whirl.

Whirlpool as an expression of personal lifestyle
Qualitative Jacuzzis are available in various designs, size, shape and design. Depending on the equipment, the number of whirlpool and air jets is different. Some models also come with shelves, side walls, rotating jets for feet and back, arm-and backrest and headrest, as well as a built-in radio with speakers. Luxury hot tubs are even equipped with fully automatic programs, between which you can decide. Additional features such as LED color changer feature as standard.

Relaxation and Fun

Exclusive bathing

Thanks to the different forms can be a whirlpool bath for private use integrate. Whether rectangular, round or angle type - the internal shape of whirlpools can be adapted to the human body. Large and small air bubble jets provide an exciting bathing experience.

If you are facing a renovation or a modern bathroom set up a Monk, a whirlpool can be integrated as a substitute for the ordinary bathtub. Where to devise its whirlpool, one is left to itself. Space-saving, there are Eck Whirl pools that are more interesting than traditional models because of their smaller dimensions and have no problems with the installation.
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