Lay tiles in wood design - 27 modern bathroom ideas

Whether you actually have a cabin in the woods or would just enjoy the rustic style wood gives the bathroom a certain charm. With the right choice of fixtures, wall decoration and accessories, you can create a natural-sounding bathroom have, but with all the modern amenities. The modern bathroom ideas include tiles in wood design, bringing together the attractive look of wood and the properties of the ceramic tiles. They are very practical in such a humid area like the bathroom and are easy to maintain.
Modern Bathroom with glass Shower
Tiles in wood design are a great Badidee
Wood with black combine for a dramatic effect
Combine wood with white tile mosaic

Small bathroom Design tile wood white
Sliding wood optic tile
Wood optic tile small bathroom
Tile wood optic grey

Wood optic green light
Glass wall tile, floor optics tiles
Floor Tile wood Optic creams colored glazed wall
Tile wood optic orange

look in authentic and welcoming

mimic different types of wood
Mirror wall for a small bathroom
Paired wooden tiles with green basin
Tiles in wood design - ideas for the modern bathroom
Wall shelves in the same wood tone
white sanitary ware and pink accents
The flooring of wood can bring warmth and coziness to a room, although with many different wood types and colors. But for those who hardwood floors can not afford and wear in the bathroom, tiles are the ideal decision in wood look, because they have the advantages of ceramic floors.

The ceramic tiles that look like wood , can mimic the texture and color of a variety of wood species. This ranges from light woods such as maple and oak to dark woods such as walnut and mahogany. These tiles usually come in different shapes and sizes. Many have the quadratic form of the standard tiles, but there are also those in a longer, thinner shape that mimic the look of a wood plank, creating a more realistic look is created. The joint mortar for the tiles in imitation wood used should also be coordinated with the color of the tiles. 
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