99 modern bathroom pictures that bring you to dream

The modern bathroom is very diverse and thus does not fit into the framework. Nowadays, when the space for daily body care is gaining in importance as a place of relaxation, he needs a corresponding device, which reflects the contemporary lifestyle in the highest degree. The bathroom is already a place with refined design and elevated residential value in which you feel comfortable and experience a unique atmosphere. Maybe you already feel like a redesign? We have compiled for you here 99 impressive bathroom pictures. Get them a great idea for your modern bathroom!

modern bathroom 

Bathroom pictures depict modern wellness dreams before
Consider when setting up the bathroom as a whole picture. This begins with the architectural background - this is the design framework and serves as a backdrop for your individual design. The more expressive form language, the greater the effect. Light is an important design element. It makes sense the use of dimmable lights, LED spotlights, ceiling lights and colors change. It is particularly important that the lighting around the wall mirror illuminates the face shadows.

Bathroom ideas and interior design concepts
The trend toward no-frills design, purist forms of steel, concrete and glass is compensated by the use of heat-radiating materials such as wood, leather and plaster. In addition to formal sophistication and excellent technical equipment is emphasized wellness baths are characterized by much comfort. Warm colors and comfortable light dominate modern bathroom designs. A central place to take a bath, shower, washbasin and WC. The bathroom furniture, tiles and colors characterize in form and material is still the personal style of the setter.

The modern bathroom is spacious and airy
Modern baths are airy and spacious. With wall mounted furniture, partition walls made of glass, large format tiles, oversized mirrors with light, walk-in shower and a light color and small bathrooms are optically enlarged. Spacious they also, if as much floor space in the bathroom remains without being interrupted by joints visible.

Bathroom pictures spread a homely atmosphere
The trendy Bathroom governed by the need for more luxury and physical well-being. The modern bathroom is like today before a spa area. Not infrequently, however, it reflects the personal search for an individual style - so often creates an individual mix of different styles.

Plants in the bathroom

Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

Modern bathroom design impressed with the form of language

Comfort using warm materials

Interior design ideas for bathroom bathroom accessories and bathroom lighting

Timeless subtle colors

Design of dream bathrooms - wood dominates

Man has always felt the need to bring a piece of nature even to yourself into the house. potted plants thrive in the so-called "daylight" very good, purify the air by photosynthesis and give off sensual scents. With cut flowers also provide a burst of freshness when no windows in the bathroom are available.
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