Glass shower cabin - timeless design combined with the latest technology

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then you have come to the right place. Here with us you can read something important about a glass shower cubicle today. Before you create a new project, you must divide the bathroom into zones. One is then determined by the shower area . It is important that you feel comfortable there, there, you have to be able to your own personal time to fully enjoy and refreshed in the day to start.
Glass shower cabin 

In modern design, there are different solutions for the formation of this zone. One is the installation of an enclosed glass shower stall. In the market there are many options of closed shower stalls . These usually come with many extras: massage function, combined with steam or color therapy, with integrated speakers and players and many others can be mentioned here. The construction of all is almost identical - shower tray, shower wall system for spraying water and various decorative lighting options.

Enclosed glass shower cubicle

The most important part of the glass shower enclosure is a shower tray. There is no water should leak rings around, as this is a prerequisite for the formation of mold. Normally, the shower tray sanitary earthenware, ceramic tile or plastic is elaborated. It is important that it is installed correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the installation site well, it must be leveled accurately.

glass shower tray

Depending on the price range, the shower enclosures are equipped with various features such as floor coating with anti-slip properties or heating of the seat, also with built-in massage panels. If you select a shower cabin with massage function, you should ensure that it is suitable for pressurized water supply equipment. If you have a steam bath, then select prefer no sliding doors, because the steam can then go easier from the cabin. The shower cubicles doors there is also a rich choice, they can be transparent, frosted, be enriched with various decorations and figurines.

For the overall appearance and functionality of the shower cubicle and the water spray system plays an important role. Various designs are seen: Stainless steel (polished or matte), brass, gold, various metal alloys and others. The most commonly used fittings are built panels or shower with massage jets.


Another solution to demarcate the wet zone is an open shower. The difference between the two versions is in the attic and in the placement of the bathroom fixtures. In the variant "Open shower" you need no shower tray, which gives you a feeling of more space and freedom of movement in the bathroom. However, you must clearly define the wet and dry zone. Looking for perfect minimalism Glaschiebet├╝r can be placed as a limitation only in one part. In the open showers, it is also possible to add various extras - massage, color therapy, steam bath and sauna, for their assembly is chosen according to the classical or modern style, the selected systems can be installed in the walls or under the wall panels. The height of the shower wall is dependent on the equipment, as standard height is assumed 190 cm horizontally from the top.

Open shower

Better ask the person skilled

A little more luxury does not harm

Closed Bath

Minimalist Shower Stall

Frosted surface

Multifunctional shower cabin

Our tip: If you want to buy a shower, you should consult a professional in the business. Before installing make sure where the pipeline passes are built into the walls to not force to damage the pipes and cause damage.
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