Vintage suite facility offers a special bathing experience

It often longs for the old days when life seemed to be easier. Anyone who would like to get the nostalgic charm of days to come to his house, might decide to give his bathroom a vintage touch. For this you need not spend a lot of money, plenty of time to invest in a renovation. With a little ingenuity and craftsmanship it geling you to make the vintage bath of your dreams.

Vintage bath combines a nostalgic feel with a contemporary edge
The vintage look is for nostalgia and ancient splendor. What is considered old-fashioned, has a secure place in a vintage bathroom. The classic nostalgic design of the Vintage Chic Furniture combines the meantime several advantages in this sich-'re also small bathrooms a great flavor and can be mixed and matched to new individual pieces. In the soft white bathroom cabinets also look very fresh and light.

The Vintage bath from A to Z

In the first line the appropriate bathroom furniture should be mentioned. Especially solid wood, metal and ceramics are suitable as materials for the vintage furniture and equipment. Create a feel-good bath with a very special atmosphere - new cabinets and chairs can provide you with specific surface treatment with a certain character. The gently curved fittings or legs of the washbasins bring a delicate line in your vintage bathroom.

The vintage look in the bathroom comes with delicate wallpaper and fabrics, delicate floral prints or small bird motifs, knitters who can steal the show even in bright blue and berry tones, green or fuchsia in addition to the usual natural tones.

Textiles in the bathroom for a unique living experience
The right lighting is like in the other living areas also crucial for the desired vintage atmosphere. The Vintage bathroom is usually bright enough to perform daily hygiene, but however it must not be too bright to be able to relax well over there. Put specifically beautiful lamps in the bath and directly on the mirror in order to achieve a uniform illumination of surfaces. Case you have a larger, more spacious bathroom, you might like to also use a classic chandelier with glass crystals. However, this is too challenging for smaller rooms.

The Vintage Look - down to the smallest detail

Conjure beautiful light
The vintage look is every style simply even more charm and personality. The crucial point of the final result are the accessories - such as soap dispensers, shelves, beautifully designed toilet paper holder - they conjure up in this place a little vintage highlight. Today, there are many bathroom sets using the same style.

Nostalgic Basin

Vintage bathroom with colorful details and nostalgic look

Vintage rustic style for your bathroom

A harmonious design for the entire space image

Deep blue tones for the walls

Vintage look of the bathroom cabinets

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