Plan bathroom with sauna - What must be considered?

If you want to create a comfortable oasis in your own home, you can plan a bathroom with sauna. Sauna lovers would be thrilled by this idea because Sauna manufacturers already offer individual solutions to suit all tastes and at reasonable prices. But what you have to consider when buying a sauna for home?

Plan bathroom with sauna - location and space requirements

For a Sauna already 1.5 meters suffice footprint. It depends on how much people want to use the sauna at the same time. There are insywischen space-saving models as InipiB from Duravit . Tailor-made saunas can be adapted to different spatial conditions. Thus, the pitch of the roof in the bathroom is no longer a problem. Thirdly, one should think of a sauna heater. Wood, oil, and gas furnaces are here to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The infrared sauna is a modern alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna. They warm the body by infrared radiation and also offer several programs like Farblichtterapie. Infrared cabin can be set up in any room, even directly in sheep's room.

Plan bathroom with sauna - Choice of materials

Pay attention to the materials. Well seasoned wood such as spruce and hemlock are resin-free and resistant to moisture sauna. The sauna air must necessarily be aired outside to prevent mold risk. Think of comfortable furniture such as chairs, where you can treat your body the necessary relaxation after a stay in the sauna. The shower should also immediately close are the sauna, as heat and cooling must alternate. An access to fresh air through a window would also be useful.

Sauna Sky by Effegibi

Sauna with color therapy

Sauna Koko Effegibi

space-saving solution for small bathrooms

Sauna fun for two

Logica Twin Effegibi

Inipi B by Duravit

the compact sauna from Duravit

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