33 most modern bathroom tile patterns and figures are in

Connoisseurs know that mosaic tiles with their brilliant reflective surface all-rounder in the bathroom are. In the present article, however, we direct your attention to 33 ideas of modern bathroom tiles, mainly with pattern and retro figures. Tastefully selected wall tiles for the bathroom with certain figures give any room more livable about inviting ambience. Check out these modern bathrooms gallery and learn a bit more about material and texture of the tile.

Bathroom tiles modern, with wood look and something more

The modern bathroom looks as if it were an ordinary living room when you leave the bathtub and the sink aside. This feeling we owe the modern bathroom tile with wood look. What looks on the walls and on the floor like wood panels are smooth, glazed tiles, spray and water repellent. The blue decorative tiles with retro patterns seem stylish and elegant. A comfortable armchair in blue support line of furnishings with style and sensitivity. A wall with tiles in wood design provides more comfort and is for a hearth or fireplace in the bathroom the ideal decoration, which also provides the required hygiene.

Bathroom tile most modern apparently limitless contours

Ceramic tiles spotted,

In modern bathrooms, nowadays, is one expressive decoration, such as a red chair or white sun, as a contrast to the monochrome tiles in a rather darker bathroom. Bath tiles modern slate are most available in dark green or anthracite color and look rustic, are slip resistant and resistant to alkali and acid. An irregular surface distinguishes this floor and wall tiles. A stylish and definitely unique idea for your bathroom, the boundaries disappear, thanks to the monochrome. Even the wall of the shower is nearly invisible to the human eye.

Bathroom tiles made ​​of limestone with geometric patterns and rough fnish

Tiles made ​​of glass, golden classic accents in the bathroom

Mosaics with small square patterns

Glossy surface of the granite tiles

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