Bathroom lighting - 30 contemporary wall and ceiling lamps

There are many daily activities in our bathroom where you need the right lighting. Whether you wear make-up, plucking eyebrows, shaving or just want to look at her face in the mirror Bathroom lighting is essential. Create a cozy atmosphere in a bathroom with a window, where you as a floor lamp brings a stylish taste to express with great decoration. Even modern accents such as 3D tiles look much more elegant by retro pendant light. In the light it comes when you want to emphasize the splendor of your bathroom.
Bathroom lighting versatility to use a bathtub on pedestal

LED lighting with splash and water jet protection

Bathroom lighting of exclusivity

Bathroom light beam light of the three-dimensionality

Light beam highlights the three-dimensionality of the walls out

Floor lamp for more texture in interior

Indirect lighting on the ceiling

Retro design with crystal chandelier

Pleasant diffuse lighting in the bathroom

Mirror lighting as a light pipe

Suspension lamp made ​​of glass

Mirror lighting in the bathroom

Lighting with color

LED lighting along the edge of the bathtub

Brown wall color in the bathroom lighting Retro ornaments on window

built-in lamps in the ceiling white tiles natural stone sink plate

Natural stone tiles mirror light bathroom natural light Bath

Wall of frosted glass and concrete mirror lamp pendant lamp in the bathroom

Beige tiles in the bathroom sanitary acrylic fixtures ceiling lighting

rural accents in the bathroom with lanterns lighting

Shower bath with glass-enclosed room ceiling lighting

 Mirror lights ceiling lighting shower cabin with massage option

Built-in ceiling lamps dark Amenities in the bathroom

Pendant light eggshell color screens round sink

Tiles with glossy modern futuristic shapes of lamps

 Wall lighting ceiling lighting imitation wood sink plate

Blue tiles mosaic style wall lighting

 Imitation wood sink cabinet wall lights in stainless steel

Turquoise color lighting oval bathtub tile mosaic

Contemporary bathrooms with 3D tiles offer additional comfort with a modern LED bathroom lights that are installed in the lowered ceiling. Spray and Protected against water jets should be you, because you employing in the shower area. Of course you can host an accent light on one or more objects in the bathroom. It is also lighter and much nicer if you have multiple sources of light in the bathroom. The ceiling lights which are in the LED (Light Emitting Diode) finds variations, you have a longer time saving light and plenty of space, because that can also arrive at the walls and along the edge of the bathtub.
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