Bathroom mirror with lighting provides additional ambiance

If you still have an old wall light in the bathroom, a few meters mounted above the sink, why not this old-fashioned thing for a modern bathroom mirror with lighting switch? On the market there are already a wide range of bathroom mirror frames that combine several functions in one. Decorative design levels, with indirect lighting from behind, with storage, even mirrored cabinets with LED lighting . And it's so easy to install, because every model comes with a power outlet.

We have put together 25 of the best design bathroom mirror with lighting. They would the general room lighting to improve and provide a pleasant feeling of space. Women can get a better view of applying makeup. Some models are even equipped with radio, wifi, touch screen display and other innovative additions. Check out these fascinating models and convince yourself of its functionality!

Bathroom mirror with LED illumination of Falper

Living Shapes of Philips Lumiblade

LUXOR levels of ARDECO

rectangular mirror with LED illumination of Falper

2HD mirror with indirect lighting of RIFRA

FLASH by Antonio Lupi Design

MEMENTO of Bluform with radio and touch screen display

GAU mirror with lighting and storage of LASA IDEA


Fonte by Rexa Design

CANESTRO Bathroom Furniture Set from Novello

Craft Furniture Collection from Novello

Bathroom mirror with lighting provides additional ambiance | Anna Balvaz | 5


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