Make bathroom without Tiled walls and floor with a difference

The advantages of bathroom tiles for safety, hygiene and cleanliness, supplemented by timeless elegance are obvious. However, it must not always be the same in the bathroom. As a wonderful alternative to tiled walls & floor, there are special panels and wood paneling with waterproof coatings, colorful flock wallpapers and decorative plasters, developed exclusively for use in the moist area. See here how contemporary, nice and cozy bathroom can appear without tiles.

A wall decoration with wallpaper for living room, bedroom or kitchen of the classics, for the bathroom but somewhat atypical. Specially designed fabric wall murals impress with ease of use, quality design and water-and steam and put cheerful accents on the walls. Motif wallpaper on the walls view transform the bathroom into a spa oasis, in which one starts the day. Modern abstract patterns make the bathroom a trendy haunt. Exceptional structures, fancy 3D effects, classic stripes and innovative details determine the current trend for the bathroom walls.

There are many ways this space according to configure- without tiles. The rough concrete look experienced in recent years a strong comeback, what is actually on the ever-increasing popularity of Industry-inspired flats is due. Exposed concrete walls can be seen in several architects homes, where they convey a certain grade retro-coolness.
Tiled bathroom with no wall in concrete look

In the bathroom area wood panel- for bathrooms with alignment to the north are particularly popular ideal. Dressed to one or more visual walls with wood, the result is a warm and secure atmosphere. Warm wood tones in combination with towels in orange or yellow stand for optimism and exude rural ease.
Free bathroom tiles configuration- wood back in the game

Wellness and relaxation zone

Bathroom wall design in country style

Laid flooring in the bathroom without tile instead of wood

Alternative to Wall Wall Borders

Wood paneling with rustic charm

As an interesting alternative and complement to conventional tile itself provides the wall plaster. With plaster, you give the bathroom walls a personal touch. Whether reflective metallic coatings or decorative effects - these modern wall decor sets the scene varied spaces. In addition to the Wall and the matching fittings and furniture are crucial.
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