Bathroom cabinet made of wood - the all-rounder in the bathroom

The bathroom cabinet made ​​of wood seems to be an all-rounder - he provides storage space for towels and bath accessories and draws the eye with a modern attractive look up. Whether natural look or with treated fronts - the wood cabinet is quickly becoming the highlight!
Bathroom cabinet made of wood can be designed according to your needs
The bathroom cabinet made ​​of wood is offered with high-gloss fronts or the natural look

The modern furniture is mounted on the wall in the bathroom

Purist decor with minimalist furniture

Bathroom furniture set in Azure

Bathroom furniture in oak for a modern and elegant bathroom

Warm cherry color as an accent in the bathroom

Simple and elegant - the wood color can affect the room cozy

White puristic bathroom furniture and mirrors with lights

Stylish bathroom furniture set, wall stickers, Rattan

The purist bathroom spice - stylish bathroom design

Modern bathroom furniture with clean lines

Previously, the massive wooden cabinet in the bathroom was always on the road. Today, manufacturers offer modular wall cabinets that can be designed according to your needs. In addition, built-in shelves provide storage space for toothbrushes and soap. Once the dimensions and construction / with shelves, drawers or with both / determines the fronts can be selected. If the wood cabinet is purchased together with the mirror cabinet and the cabinet, this is an easy task. If the wood cabinet in any case purchased separately, then it makes sense to choose a minimalist design in white. It fits perfectly with any style.
Modern bathroom design oak - bathroom with wall shelves

And where should the bathroom cabinet made of wood made the most? The answer is not clear, for every bathroom is different. In any case, a wooden water-sensitive material - that is why it is recommended not to place the cabinet next to the vanity unit. A certain distance from the bathtub / shower should also be scheduled. Good ventilation is also an important prerequisite for the Langbarkeit of wooden furniture in the bathroom.

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