Moroccan-inspired bathroom that promise exotic pleasure

In recent weeks, we have directed our attention to Moroccan-inspired interiors that are actually fast becoming a hot design trend all over the world. Bright colors, beautiful patterns and bold motifs play a significant role in this exotic design in which we want to bring a touch of elegance with Moroccan home. Whether it is exotic bedroom or stunning living rooms, Moroccan accents and decorations have become an integral part of modern houses. Some people prefer simple insertions, such as shiny ottoman, others love the expansive and authentic jewelry. Today we want you interesting examples of Moroccan-inspired bathroom show promise a really exotic pleasure.


Moroccan-inspired bathroom - sensuous opulence
The bathroom is probably the best place where you can introduce exotic design and decoration elements that also offer visual and sensual opulence. The facilities here can range from fine to sensational. Here are some amazing sources of inspiration for you, you will bring in the search for the perfect modern bathroom with Moroccan charm on the right track.

Amazing colors and patterns
Typical Moroccan, blue tiles, a wooden roof over the bath, which adds an exotic touch and fabulous decorative addition with a distinct Mediterranean flavor, make this modern bathroom in a quiet and comfortable personal retreat. Obviously, the homeowner is determined to pursue the style perfectly, and the results are truly fascinating. The addition of the patterned carpet and custom ceiling enhance the style and complete the look.

Moroccan tile pattern

This cool bath is a wonderful blend of Spanish colonial style with typical earthen colors and patterns, which were borrowed from North African culture. Obviously, both styles influence each other, while the magnificent corner behind the tub makes for a subtle Mediterranean charm.

Mediterranean-sounding bathroom

It is the shining of walls and the bathtub that attracts your attention immediately here. There is here a rustic, earthy atmosphere that is hard to miss. The absence of patterns gives the whole room a Mediterranean look, but only a colorful rug with its bold print converts it immediately.

Deep earthy tones

Here on our website we often discuss about the importance of colors and patterns. But the classic Moroccan style we tend almost to miss the amazing contrast of textures there. The walls in this beautiful master bath remind us that a subtle change in texture can make a big difference in the overall attractiveness of a Moroccan-inspired interiors. A great mirror frames and metallic accents enrich the ambience in the bathroom.

Bathroom with lot of details

This elegant and modern bathroom interprets the traditional attributes of the Moroccan designs and gives the style a whole new twist. Coated fabric wallpaper in purple give the bathroom a majestic touch, windows Moroccan-style lantern light and complement the overall look and create a beautiful, dreamy feel.

Moroccan-inspired bathroom harmony and majestic

Lantern lights are the easiest way to give your existing bathroom a beautiful Moroccan touch, without having to fully pursue this style. A bold colors use here on the next screen and the custom window behind the tub accentuate the style.

Here we note the diversity of Moroccan tiles, this can also be used on your Mediterranean-inspired terraces and in living rooms. They play a key role in the modern, Moroccan bath, where they provide a fabulous mood. With a brick backdrop as the above, you can easily pass from Moroccan to Mediterranean style.

A fusion of styles

We love this chic modern bathrooms for its creative blend of Moroccan style with modern design. The architectural features of the bathroom, the Mashrabiyas style of the windows and the beautiful arches behind the bathtub give the bathroom a fascinating and inimitable look. But the bright colors and bold patterns of Moroccan designs are eliminated and you have a clean, pristine white background. A perfect fusion of two contrasting styles!

Often we treat the windows in the bathroom, floors, the back wall and the bathroom accessories to give them a Moroccan flair. But here, the interior designer has used a mirror on a clever way and the bath infused Moroccan glamor. Obviously, the patterned tiles also complement the look, but it's the mirror, what steals the show!

This is a perfect example of how you can use decorations and curtains to give an existing bathroom Moroccan note without actually being on the style. This is another proof, you do not have to worry about a comprehensive renovation and change the design style of your bathroom completely. At your local flea market you can buy a few vintage finds and complete the look in the bathroom.

See the modern master bath in the picture above? There impressed with the magnetism of the earthen color scheme and the fine arches, which are an integral part of the North African design style.

Moroccan patterned wallpapers are easy to find with us, they are available in a wide range of colors and offers a quick and inexpensive way to make your bathroom exotic.

Check out the amazing patterns that take these lanterns Moroccan-style on the walls all around! This is one of the many reasons why they always represent popular supplements in different houses, regardless of the topic itself. Here the master bath combines the Spanish Revival style with Moroccan accents to create a peaceful retreat.

And finally we have a bath for those who would still not happy about a dip in the Moroccan style. If nothing else works, then take a quick renovation in your bathroom this summer with some Moroccan tiles. The options here are endless and they write smoothly in every style and theme, which you already have.
So, you feel the temptation to take "a magical Moroccan renovation" in your bathroom?
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