Bathroom collection "Suede" embodies modern lifestyle

The exclusive bathroom collection "Suede" by Cerasa offers appropriate solutions for every style of living. From traditional, exotic about acting, to Scandinavian and modern - the establishment of programs of the Italian brand represent sophisticated combinations of modules and colors and create fascinating environments in which you feel comfortable.

Bathroom Collection Suede feel-good moments
"Suede" uses natural colors and textures, minimalist and elegant shapes and ease of use. Shades such as dove gray, mustard yellow, cocoa, tobacco, ivory, aubergine, petrol, etc., are in wide range of colors available and offer the user full freedom of expression. Each product is adaptable and available in numerous designs. The manufacturer offers us a choice of ambience images that demonstrate the versatile use of bathroom collection in different living environments. See other interior products for the bathroom on the website of Cerasa on.

Statement bathroom with a cosmopolitan sense of space

Modern sink in island shape

Simplicity and elegance characterize the collection

High-gloss surfaces alternate fascinatingly with matt surfaces

The universal design fits in a bathroom with an exotic atmosphere

Unconventional storage solutions with aesthetic design

Chrome accessories

Complete absence of handles

Clean lines and informal style

Washbasin with curved columns

Cone-shaped base elements

Bathroom collection "Suede" embodies modern lifestyle.
Bathroom collection "Suede" embodies modern lifestyle | Anna Balvaz | 5


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