Bathroom Design - 27 stylish and modern interior ideas

The bathroom should be an oasis where you can relax in a hot bath or a refreshing shower. For this to be achieved to a hundred percent, the design plays an important role. Only if the atmosphere is right, you can really let go and relax and just once good. To this end, we would like to present these great examples of the bathroom design FAPCeramiche of which you can be inspired. Whether you are on plain or colorful and extravagant designs are, you are sure to find not only a bathroom that appeals to you. But let us now turn to the bathroom-designs:

1. Through the bright tiles and the effective lighting in this bathroom design will be provided the necessary brightness, the missing due to a lack of window. For flooring and wall cladding was resorted to several variants. While the floor is made from tiles that mimic wood, the three visible walls are covered with tiles of different design. Particularly effective are the tiles in the area of ​​the basin, whose patterns give the bathroom elegance and romance. A lovely accent makes the tub, which was covered with mosaic tiles.

Bathroom Design, dominated by strong colors
2. The exact opposite of the previous example, this bathroom design. Here some colorful colors design, which is further increased by the geometric patterns. The bathroom is anything but boring and just the right choice for brave lovers of modern design with lots of energy. Because that they will be able to fill up every morning thanks to the fresh colors.

Bathroom Design in earth and neutral tones
3. A geometric design but need not necessarily be achieved by colorful inks. As you can see from this example, also neutral natural tones are ideal for this. Are particularly effective in this bathroom as we find the open shower and the way how it is combined with the tub. It is as if you were in a wellness center, right?

Multiple light sources provide optimal lighting conditions
4. You will immediately notice the simple bathroom design. Again, the design is determined by light natural colors that radiate heat. The indirect light sources provide warm light that is not intrusive. As you can see, it has remained only on the most necessary for the establishment.

Wall strips and accent colors as highlight
5. The beige colors in this bathroom design FAPCeramiche given a gentle splash of color here by striped walls in lime. The depth tub can be achieved by effective levels. A geometric pattern can be found in the floor tiles, giving the design of the bathroom extra pep.

Tiles in authentic-looking wood look
6. This is an open shower to see which is currently very popular. The shower area is delineated by dark brown tiles from the rest, brighter area. Striking in this bathroom design is the large basin , at the same time can find a place where two people.

A bathroom design with modern aesthetics
7. And here is immediately the geometric pattern on the floor. In order not to overdo it, just a so-called carpet tile was designed. The same tiles form a striped pattern on one of the walls, while the tub and shower area is decorated with mosaic tiles in the same pleasant tones. There is a bathroom design in which one can truly feel at home.

Warm colors of the tiles on walls and floors
8. The little square was used wonderfully in this example. The shower is designed oblong, allowing more freedom of movement. Especially great was played here with the two different tile designs.

Candlelight for the ultimate well-being
9. Does the wall of your bathroom one level this bothers you in any way. You can use that is perfect for various decorations, toiletries or tea lights set up in this example. Also notable are of course the elegant tiles in light gray. The wall tiles in the bathroom design have also delicate, geometric patterns. The floor is replaced by the mosaic tiles a great design.

A bathroom design that relies on contrasts
10. This is another example of how impressive tiles like but can act in different color patterns. The small bathroom seem more spacious by. The distribution of sanitary facilities is perfectly chosen design in this bathroom.

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Bathroom Design - 27 stylish and modern interior ideas.
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