Bathroom ideas - 15 beautiful designs of Cerasa

To set up the bathroom as well as any other room in the apartment perfect Inpsirationen are often necessary. And since we would like to help you in this difficult task, we have great, modern bathroom ideas together for you, coming from the Italian company Cerasa and just so brave with elegance and luxury. The designs in terms of shapes and colors are very diverse and leave nothing to be desired. But see for yourself equal to itself. Both bathrooms are rather homely ideas, as we know from a bath, as well as those of a Wellness center accepted and remind and invite you to relax longer.

Bathroom Ideas - Cabinets red eye-catching minimalist bathroom

1. In this example, the bathroom ideas there are two eye-catcher. For one thing, the cupboards in red high gloss. On the other hand, of course, the sunken bath, probably more reminiscent of a pool. Both in combination with white high gloss floor give the bathroom a modern atmosphere.

Bathroom Ideas - white walls and closets in Beer color
2. A white bathroom is also ideal for cabinets in a berry color. This is at least in this example bathroom ideas for the case. Another delight is the floral ornaments that adorn the console and mirror. In addition, there is again a sunken bath.

Bathroom furniture in wood look - hip than ever
3. If you rather prefer the wood look, this variant is perfect for bathroom furniture. It combines classic wood with modern shapes, bringing a warm atmosphere is guaranteed. To wash area leads a long, beautiful carpet. The large window also provides plenty of light and brightness.

Bathroom Ideas - White and Yellow make delightful blend
4. Bathroom Ideas - Here there are the cabinets from a combination of white and a friendly yellow. The wall is adorned with large, natural colored tile that fit perfectly with the rest of the facility. Many modern bathroom ideas, including this one, have a bathtub, the center of the room. If you so a sunken tub too much of a good thing, this is a great option.

Bathroom Ideas - Shaggy carpet in sand color for beach feeling
5. With such a floor, you will feel almost like at the beach. To continue the nature theme, wooden cabinets in natural tones were chosen. An accent is the yellow tub, and a large window.

Bathroom furniture with floral motifs are in
6. Bathroom Ideas - In this example appear the floral ornaments. The combination of white and burgundy glossy looks extremely elegant. The straight lines of the cabinets to be broken by an organically shaped mirror and a curved table lamp.

Practically designed bathrooms without windows
7. There is a bathroom with no windows can be cozy and relaxing. The proof is this bath, reminiscent in its design of a Welness center. The reason is the large tiles in pleasing natural shades and of course the sunken bath. Just make your own Welness afternoon in your own home.

Pure minimalism - simple bathroom with color accents
8. bathroom ideas - just look how elegant can be a simple design. A long console, at the end of which the sink is located, as well as a shelf for placing the care products can be quite sufficient. In addition, there is also still a luxurious sunken bath. What more do you need?

Bathroom design with color - yellow as an accent
9. You can spice up a white bathroom with a pretty wall color and design it so warmer. In this case, has been selected as an accent color yellow, which also adorns the bathtub. The noble console and ottoman are made of a dark wood in high gloss. An eye-catcher is the large, round mirror that makes the makeup and styling a breeze.

Bathroom Ideas - stone wall catches the eye
10. Bathroom Ideas - A wall of stone here is the perfect background for the console in lavender. In addition to adorn a black lounge chair, coffee table and carpet the bathroom. Equally effective: Sit on a large painting on the wall, rather than attach it to. The result is very stylish.

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All furniture are of Cerasa
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