Bathroom Tile 2015-7 current design trends in the bathroom

The bathroom as we know it will change in the direction of a completely new style. In the new year we will see more simplicity, clean lines and a minimalist modern look. From sink to shower fittings , the bathroom will look contemporary and very modern. And bathroom tiles 2015 major role in the bathroom design will naturally play. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association everything will be different - from fittings on bathroom furniture and Tile colors. Here are some of the trends that will be popular in the bathroom in 2015.

Trends in Bathroom Tile 2015

1. Fashionable style influenced by minimalism
More than 400 designers were interviewed and everyone agreed that moving the design to a contemporary and functional look. Users will not replace the cozy atmosphere of luxury and splendor, but they will want more and more a greatly reduced look with clean lines.

2. Bathroom Tiles 2015 - Grey shades
Say goodbye to. From the white color in the bathroom Although white is still a popular color choice for the bathroom, but only for the plumbing. The bathroom tiles come in every 2015 popular shade of gray.

Accents in marble appearance

Grays and different textures

3. Black Tiles
An atmosphere in the bathroom that looks more dramatic? Why not. Consider matt black, large format Wanfliesen or glittering round mosaic tiles for more glamor.

glittering mosaic wall tiles

4. conspicuous Floor Tiles
If you have to put accents on the bathroom walls, consider to make the ground an eye-catcher in the bathroom no way. Floor tiles with conspicuous colors and patterns would help.

walk-in glass shower

5. Bathroom Shower Combination
Forget the dilemma "bathtub or shower." The current trend solves it by the bath combined with a shower.

6. sink without cabinet
Most likely, you have to choose another place to store your cosmetics and bath accessories, for the great cabinet under the sink is in 2015 é be appropriate.

7. quartz worktop
Granite vanity tops were still the most common choice for the bathroom, but quartz is becoming more and more popular in the coming year. It is the hardest mineral on Earth.

soothing beige tones

matt black tiles

modern pedestal lavatory

wall-mounted washbasin in wood look

space-saving solutions

Accent wall in stone look

Bathroom Tile 2015-7 current design trends in the bathroom.
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