Bathroom Design - Effective wellness facilities

There are so many ways to make the bathroom. But what would you make of it, set it luxurious or simply more effectively so that you can get there just feel wonderfully relaxed? That is why it is also in the present article, because it introduces 6 stunning examples of full effect and unique bathroom design. You will be guaranteed to love it!

Bathroom design with gold accents
For a luxurious feel make in this bathroom design and no doubt the golden accents. Without being too pretentious, they come to the fore everywhere: in the form of a curtain and mosaic tiles, the shower with glass door decorated in the accessories, decorating the walls and even the black tiles have a subtle gold shimmer. With such little things you can get without much funding luxury in your bathroom. Also notable is of course the stunning bath, the modern way center of the room and has an unusual shape.

Bathroom Design with bath ... or maybe not?
Part playful and elegant part of this extravagant bathroom design. It is a combination of black and white is, which are reflected in the cube stools, as well as the stunning mural that consists of mosaic tiles and dominoes represents. Something that could be overlooked is the smooth bathtub. Yes, you read that right. This bathroom has a bathtub. This is recessed into the floor while her edge and the floor be connected smoothly run, so that no edge is created. For this reason, it does not seem to exist at first glance.

A frosty Bathroom Design
Have you ever seen such fantastic shower doors? They give the impression of being frozen and give the whole bathroom a frosty look. Also contribute to the white tiles, which are on the wall and pretty patterns, while the wall in the sink area of white mosaic composed. Despite the frosty theme bathroom design exudes a warm atmosphere, which is due to the sophisticated lighting used, the wood and the fire in the wall above the bathtub.

Bathroom Design with Pure Wellness
This bathroom is divided by a partition with effective, indirect lighting visually into two areas. One includes a spa bath, ideal for relaxation and a dressing table with a large, elegant mirror. On the other side there are two sinks, a toilet and shower and a spacious sauna. This bathroom is ideal as your personal wellness center, because it really has everything it takes to get rid of the stress after a hard work week. The bathroom design is characterized by the use of natural stone in combination with dark wood.

Bathroom Design - Swimming in the forest
This bathroom design is interesting in many ways. For one, it has a great picture of branches on the ceiling, which gives the impression that they would bathe in the middle of a forest. Full effect is also large, round window, and most of the built-in wall fireplace, which also offers a view outside. The bathroom is bright and friendly, making the time you spend in it every time a wonderful experience.

Show business as a bathroom design

Very bright is this bathroom. For a cozy atmosphere, the beams on the ceiling, and the brick wall worry, because they give the bathroom a homely atmosphere. There are two areas which are separated from each other by a partition wall. During the first region has a gorgeous corner bath under the window houses with views, located in the rear of the sink, the toilet and the shower, which consists of glass walls. The bathroom design is also framed by an interesting topic, namely the show business. This can be seen in the mural, and the chrome lamps.

Modern minimalist bathroom in neutral shades

Modern bathroom with glass fronts

Minimalist bathroom in white and gray

Bathroom Design - Effective wellness facilities.
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