Examples of bathroom tiles - 30 original inspirations

The tiles for the bathroom today are anything but boring. It is for them not only a moisture-protective, but also a decorative effect. Apart from the various colors and patterns that will impress overwhelming in its diversity and different sizes, it is also very effective photo tiles, with which you can decorate the walls in the bathroom. Depending on your tastes to select the appropriate tile design and thus choose to spice up your bathroom. With this in mind we have put together some wonderful examples of bathroom tiles. You will immediately have to tempt, to renovate your bathroom.

Examples of Bathroom Tiles - Tiles Photo
Extremely effective and popular, so-called photo tiles that can be selected individually. So you can feel in the shower like a waterfall, ocean or rainforest. So that the atmosphere but not to effect depressing, this should only be applied at one or a part of a wall. In this example, the corner shower is highlighted by photo tiles.

Examples of bathroom tiles - Intense colors
A rich blue adorns this bathroom. The tiles have interesting patterns, while those even have a mosaic appearance at the far wall.

effective combination of black and white
What do you think of this combination of high gloss and mosaic? The interplay of white and brown, and of course the partition which is decorated with a wallpaper with a floral pattern, are real eye-catcher. A wonderful design!

Original honeycomb pattern in shades of gray
Tiles need not necessarily be formed into squares or rectangles to look great. For this bathroom an original honeycomb pattern was chosen, which is formed from hexagonal tiles. These consist of an elegant gray. Simply great examples of bathroom tiles with an original look.

great color accents in yellow
Also very effective are these examples of bathroom tiles, which also offer some great touches of color next to an interesting 3D effect. In this way, simply designed bathroom can be wonderfully spiced.

custom-painted tiles
These individually painted tiles make your bathroom into something special and unique. The idea is perfect for bathrooms with classic or rustic style. And the combination of blue and white is traditional and elegant.

Tiles imitation wood are almost indistinguishable from wood parquet
A wooden floor is indeed due to the high humidity usually not the best choice for the bathroom. If you now but attach great importance to the wood look is helped you with such tiles. These imitate wood and are hard to distinguish from a wood parquet. And as you see fit very well with a marble or stone wall.

Background in white and blue
So if you can not decide, you can combine them easily with each other. The main colors are blue and white. Colored accents form the colorful sink and towels.

Take beautiful pictures with mosaic on the wall
Beautiful pictures can be brought to the wall in the bathroom not only with photo tiles. The well-known mosaic tiles are suitable for it. Your imagination is the limit. For a romantic atmosphere a flower pattern, as can be seen in this example provides.

Tiles in 3D
Another great option for tiles with 3D effect. Here it is not only seen but also felt. If you are on elegance, this version is really a great choice. Especially good fit for this purpose furniture and accents of wood.
These examples were still not all! More impressive examples of bathroom tiles you can see below.

Examples of bathroom tiles - 30 original inspirations
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