Tile color ideas - 50 great options for the Bathroom

In the bathroom, you can give free rein in terms of the colors of your imagination. For example, select only one main color, the same can be represented in different shades. Gern but also several contrasting colors can be combined in order to get a modern and upbeat look. At this variant include baths in rainbow colors. If you prefer a main color, but have the possibility tiles with patterns add and surfaces and thus to make an original look. Today we would like like 50 inspiring tile colors introduce ideas that you can implement in your bathroom, of course. Here are examples of color in combination with white tiles, as well as monochrome combined tiles and those in earth tones, so you are sure to find something that suits your taste. But look not Miss Out!

Tile color ideas in blue and white
Blue is one of the most popular colors for the bathroom. The reason is mainly that it is very modern and elegant effect, and can be combined with various other colors. Blue may also simply as an accent, as well as in the form of mosaic be used. Pretty sees the color in combination with wood. Here are a few ideas tile colors in blue and white.

Tile color ideas with blue as an accent color

Modern combination of tile colors in blue and white

Tile color ideas with Red
Red should not be missed in our list of tile color ideas. This passionate color gives the bath heat and makes it a very special space where you can just feel good only. Again, you can combine the color with white. In this case loosen the otherwise perhaps too obtrusive color on something.

Idea with red as an accent color in combination with gold

Tile color ideas - Red mosaic tiles as the main color

Red tile color as accent walls for two

Combine red tile color with white and parquet

Bright, warm colors as tiles color ideas
If you red too extravagant, you can of course also choose lighter colors to get the same effect that warm atmosphere. Thus, orange and yellow, or combinations thereof are wonderful. Guests can also connect with Green. To maintain a happy device which ensures reminiscent of the spring and always in a good mood. But just look at the examples of these tiles color ideas.

Tile colors in yellow, green and orange for good mood

Tile color ideas - White bathroom with wall of yellow tiles

Fine, golden tiles color in combination with black marble

Tile color ideas from earth tones
An equally warm atmosphere can be reached by selecting tiles in earth tones. The bathroom will look more natural. You can do this with tile or stone, imitate with such a timber. Combine some variety of different shades together. Then, add more wood furniture added, the look is complete. A modern appearance gets the bathroom again by furniture in high gloss. Here are a few ideas tile colors for use with:

Monochrome tile color ideas
Very modern and popular are the tile colors ideas. Whether in black and white or gray or a combination of all three colors - with them you can not go wrong.

Tile color ideas - Colorful variants
And if you're really nice colorful love it, then this tile colors are ideas just right for you. Be bold with the implementation, combine contrasting colors together or contact the tiles just some colorful color accents. It all depends on your taste, after all, you should feel comfortable in your bathroom.

Other tile colors ideas you can see below:

Tile color ideas - 50 great options for the Bathroom.
Tile color ideas - 50 great options for the Bathroom | Anna Balvaz | 5


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