Bathroom furniture made of wood - 50 ideas for bathroom cabinet, vanity and bathtub

Nowadays bathroom furniture are wooden definite trend - because everyone wants to give its interior a natural touch. With a wash basin, bath cabinet or even a sink / tub / with special sealing affects the establishment cozy, inviting and relaxing. Even more - natural stone wall and furniture set wooden form a charming ensemble. We will show you 50 designs from renowned manufacturers with whom the bathroom into a wellness oasis is.

Bathroom furniture made of wood give the interior a fresh note
The warm color and attractive grain of bathroom furniture made of wood create a cozy ambiance to relax the senses and contribute to well-being at. But that's the cabinets, the bathtub or the washstand come into their own right, a contrast to the wall and the floor needs to be managed. The granite tiles and the white basin are the perfect neutral backdrop for the furniture from walnut. If the furniture in light wood such as ash or oak made, then the walls can be laid with white stone tiles - for example with marble or travertine.

Bathroom furniture made of wood - Care instructions
Proper care is crucial to the longevity of bathroom furniture made of wood - about one should already informed purchase. As the furniture are cleaned, is closely related to the surface treatment - the furniture painted, then it is enough completely out when they are wiped after use with a dry cloth. Soap residues should be carefully removed. Moisture could leave water stains and damage the paint, even lead to putrefaction. With special protection and regular ventilation can avoid this anyway. If the surface is damaged, then it can be easily sanded and repainted.

Modern bathroom cabinets with attractive grain - The collection of Edonedesigngroup

Modern cabinet and metal Waschtish for the minimalist bathroom

White cabinet and shelf oak

Cabinet and shelf with built-bath faucet

Modern bathroom - basin and bath with oak wood paneling
The furniture shown above are at Edonedesign

The designs of Componendo - modern and stylish

The bathroom furniture, wooden Componendo

The bathtubs by Unique Design

The bathtubs are at Unique design

The collection of Toscoquattro

he above furniture is in Toscoquattro available

The bathtubs of Alegna

All furniture from Allegna

The closets of Idea Group

The designs are top of Regia

The collection by Antonio Lupi

The furniture of Antonio Lupi

The collection of Duravit

The beautiful furniture from durafit
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