Modern bathroom tiles with pattern: 50 images

The Spanish manufacturer Porcelanite has long been known for its creative bathroom design. It is the designers of the brand succeeded in giving traditional tile patterns a modern touch. Thus, modern bathroom tiles present a new, attractive appearance. Exactly the imaginative combinations of several, not matching at first glance elements, give the bathroom character. The 50 most charming color and pattern combinations, see the photo gallery below.
Modern bathroom tiles with pattern

Modern bathroom tiles there are many - and most manufacturers offer combination variants. But what if two walls be designed completely differently? No problem as long as a connection element is found. For example - the same color scheme, but different sizes or the same design but in different colors.
Also nice to see decent tiles with stripes patterns in combination with tiles with large floral patterns .
The patchwork wall - like a patchwork quilt can also be the wall in their bathroom look. Individual photo tiles with images from nature create a spa atmosphere.
Niches should be hidden no longer monochrome models - exactly reverse- with little creativity, you can be an eye-catcher.

Modern Bathroom Tiles - pattern give the space character

azure tiles bathroom tiles metallic elements

Bath tile bathrooms pictures

Bathroom natural stone tiles modern stripe pattern

Bathroom tile design ideas color dark blue

Bathroom tile ideas modern brown points

Bathroom tiles combine modern wall color

Bathroom tiles modern furniture design ideas

beige bathroom tile pattern examples

beige bathroom tiles pink roses

beige gold classic bathroom tiles pattern ideas

beige stripe pattern Floral Wall

beige tiles floral pattern accent wall ideas

beige tiles modern bathroom pattern combinations

beige wall tile shower stall white freestanding

beige wall tiles modern design nature photos

beige wall tiles modern pattern Vanity Wood

black tile pattern modern minimalist design

black tiles classic pattern design

blue tiles beige brown accents pattern colors

blue tiles black classic pattern

combine modern bathroom tile pattern

Examples baths flowers ideas wall

fashion blue white stripes modern bathroom mirror ideas

Floral pattern as an accent in the modern bathroom

green wall tiling bathrooms pictures

light green bathroom tiles floral pattern stripes

Stripes and motifs from nature - modern combination

make pink bathroom freestanding bath

Purple wall tiles with stripes patterns

Metallic bathroom tiles freestanding bath floor tiles

modern bathroom stripe pattern motifs detached

Modern Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

modern bathroom tile ideas pattern black

Mosaic tile mirror several metallic

Mosaic tiles brown wall design ideas

orange pink wall tiles modern geometric pattern

pink red bathroom design ideas modern

purple bathroom Floral Stripe Pattern Glass Wall Tile

purple bathroom tiles pink stripe pattern ideas

Modern bathroom tiles - color combinations

Modern bathroom tiles in red and black

Bathroom tiles resemble a patchwork quilt

red white bathroom tiles modern color combinations Design

red white pink wall Liesen modern stripe pattern bathroom

white bathroom tiles modern floral pattern

yellow beige wall tiles bathroom design ideas

yellow pink stripes pattern classic designs

yellow vegetable pattern strips natural stone look modern
The color combination in your own bathroom is of course a matter of taste. This year there are in any case combinations of contrasting colors in vogue - Purple / Green, Black / White / Blue, Pink / Orange, Light Blue / Beige / Brown. The mixture of cold and warm colors has a great appeal and makes the eyes just do not let go. And who is not absolutely sure if the selected colors fit together, can always try an online  Bathroom planer the color scheme. For inspiration, see the photo gallery some of the most creative ideas for modern bathroom tiles the Spanish brand.
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